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Why should Apple pay Dividends?

After this week’s Apple event, the writers in the finance world are busy to tell us why Apple should pay a dividend to its shareholders. The reasons brought up range from greed to theories from 1871 and worse. Fact is, Apple is not paying such dividend, and rightly so. Continue reading

25 Brand Experts You Should Follow on Twitter | Resumebear Online Resume

25 Brand Experts You Should Follow on Twitter | Resumebear Online Resume.

Social media is an incredibly important part of any branding strategy, so of course Twitter is a great spot to interact with brand experts in their natural element. We’ve found some of the best minds in personal branding, B2B branding, corporate branding, and even career branding on Twitter, and we hope you’ll check them out. Read on to find 25 incredible people, listed in no particular order, that are full of news, knowledge, and resources that can help you make the most of the brands you represent. Read More…


Laura Pausini – La Soledad

Have you ever Flashed Someone?

Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria…

What is Fair Price for an E-Book?

Google and a Tablet?

From Social Graph to Interest Graph…


What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You

Hehehe…Funny pic.

peaceful controversy

Everyone has heard the saying “what you don’t know won’t hurt you“……..

But….is this really true?

I know someone who makes a lot of money on the premise of this phase.  He provides a service to people that call him because they need someone to make their living environment a healthier place to live in.

This person does absolutely nothing right in front of their eyes, but convinces them that he has just saved their lives and the lives of their babies and walks out with a check for thousands of dollars.

When I ask him how he feels about steeling money from people daily, his answer is that the customers are happy with his services and can sleep better at night and therefore he deserves the money that they are willingly paying him.

What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

In this case, it even helps them.

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Empire Avenue CEO Shares the Lowdown on the Future of Missions at #SMWsmac

Digital Brand Marketing Education & Interactives

Empire Avenue has been generating a bit of buzz lately with the inclusion of Missions on their Social Media engagement platform. Duleepa Wijayawardhana, also known as “Dups” to most everyone, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Empire Avenue, and gave an outstanding visual of what users of Empire Avenue can expect from their platform in the near future.

Missions Current Status

Dups shared that Empire Avenue encourages a unique type of engagement that requires users to invest currency in others to earn rewards, as well as to create the potential for higher engagement. Users take their investments and engage with them through a set of tools. One of those tools is known as Missions, in short, allows users to reward people and create engagement using Empire Avenue’s virtual currency.

Missions are a great way to engage and expand on your followers with your content. Ric Williams shared a brief demo…

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Why Google and Others Are On Board with Obama’s Privacy Bill of Rights