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Get Mased – Marla Mase – NYC Performer, Writer, Singer

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Eros Ramazzotti – Amarti è l’immenso per me

“Lady of the Deep” – Ras Mohammad National Park, Egypt – Jacques de Vos – Featured Photographer





“Lady of the Deep” – Ras Mohammad National Park, Egypt – Jacques de Vos – Featured Photographer

When you think of Egypt you tend to think of pyramids and sand.  Lots of sand!  If someone asked me where this image was taken you could have given me 1,000 chances to guess and I would have needed at least 1,001 to guess Egypt.  After seeing Jacques award winning image below, I now think of Egypt as a place I need to go for diving and free diving as well.  Please read about his photoshoot below with the world record freediver Linda Paganelli and then check out his portfolio at  www.jdvos.com.  I recommend watching his video clips on free diving that explain the difficulties of the sport.

Take it away Jacques:

First off, thank you for the awesome privilege of hosting one of my images on photobotos.com

This image…

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“Hey, Um, Originality Died.”

It is time that the original comes out.

Exploring the history of the Internet

Cool article.

Mind Candy

It is a good time to look back on the developmental history of the Internet and the people that are responsible for creating it, and no, Al Gore is not one of them. The concept of the Internet and a large portion of its development primarily is credited to three people. While the idea did originate at a conference, it was Vannevar Bush, Norbet Wiener, and Marshall McLuhan who were the driving force behind the development of the internet. A special nod does need to go to the conference which planted the seed for all of this, the 1956 Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Conference.

 First we need to begin with the players to keep a strong scorecard. Norbert Wiener is credited with having invented the field of cybernetics. This is significant because he served as the inspiration and the starting point for a modern and viable era of research that explicitly…

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