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Atlético Madrid 1 FC Barcelona 2

Congrats, Barca.


A spectacular free kick from Leo Messi ten minutes from the end earned Barça a 1-2 win at Atlético Madrid to keep our slim title hopes alive. Dani Alves had given Barça the lead near the end of the first half but Atlético equalized early in the second half through Falcao. Barça were running out of ideas until Messi’s moment of magic and then Victor Valdés secured the points with a couple of fine saves near the end.

After the game Pep Guardiola declared that Barça will not win this Liga. On face value some might think he was just showing fatalism due to the ten-point gap with rivals Real Madrid. However, from the tone of his statement many will judge that he was referring to the increasing concern over some refereeing decisions as Madrid were again favoured today in their victory at Rayo. 

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“On Guard” – Notre Dame, Paris, France – Benjamin Becker – Featured Photographer

Great picture.




“On Guard” – Notre Dame, Paris, France – Benjamin Becker – Featured Photographer

This is the view that inspired Victor Hugo to write “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.  The gargoyles were originally created to allow rainwater to run through their mouths and away from the church’s foundation.  Today they are just a part of one of the best examples of French gothic architecture ever created.  Ben did an excellent job of incorporating the gargoyle into the photo without overpowering the shot.  Enjoy and then please check out his website at http://benijamino.de.

Here is  Benjamin:

I took this photo on a short trip to Paris in June last year.  Me and my girlfriend had a long waiting time in a much longer line of people to enter Notre Dame, it felt like an eternity – we managed it.  But to arrive on the top platform we had to climb up some…

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Is Real Estate Really the Great Investment You Thought?

Good article.


Real estate can be a great long-term investment. But not all real estate appreciates at the same rate, and adjusted for inflation, it might not offer the returns you’re looking for. That being said, you do have to live somewhere, and there are some definite arguments in favor of your housing payment making you money as an investment instead of making your landlord money in a rental property. If you’ve ever wondered about the truth of real estate as an investment, this is what you need to know:

Returns Adjusted for Inflation are Stable, but Not Phenomenal

Realistically, the returns you’re likely to get on real estate as an investment aren’t phenomenal. In spite of the popular belief that real estate is a good investment, inflation-adjusted home prices from 1890 to 2005 rose at a rate of slightly less than 1 percent. In the grand scheme of investments, this isn’t…

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