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Digger Phelps keeps Bob Knight awake on air

Called “sleeping on the job”.

Music from Argentina – Los Pinguos

World Music - the Music Journey

Los Pinguos are a latin and salsa band from Argentina. Here’s their nice song “Fumaza“:

Thanks Scriptor!

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Protest against the Ryan Budget at Congressman Fiztpatrick’s Campaign office

I am wondering how anyone can even consider Ryan’s nonsense. That guy is trying to make a career on the peoples back. Absolutely crazy.

Bruce/Sally Witt, Social Media & Ministry

Lots of concerned citizens gathered at the front of Congressman Fitzpatrick’s office on Tuesday March 27, 2012.

We want him to know that we do NOT want him to vote for the Ryan Budget again!

Sally K Witt
Social Media and Ministry

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The best April Fool’s Day pranks of all time

Mind Candy

April Fool’s Day jokes are a dime a dozen, but a great April Fool’s Day hoax lives on forever and has thousands or even millions of people totally caught with the wool pulled over their eyes. To pull off a great April Fool’s Day prank  takes time to prepare, a sharp wit, a bit of a twisted imagination and it helps if you own a major media outlet or have the ability to manipulate one. It takes more than starting a twitter rumor that Chuck Norris is dead for the third year in a row, it takes pure genius. With that in mind, be amazed by the ten best April Fool’s Day hoaxes of all time.

#10 – Phil Stone was a deejay working for radio station 1ZB back in 1949 when he pulled off an all time classic. He took the airwaves and warned listeners that a mild swarm…

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The Apple vs. Samsung Patent War – Infographic

The Sharing Avalanche

Music from Switzerland – Mike Candy

World Music - the Music Journey

Mike Candy is one of the most successful house producers and remixers of Switzerland.  His productions are featured on the house compilations and played by DJ’s all over the world.  He has released his new album Smile, it has 2CD’s dance floor thumping music.  This is a song off that album “One Night in Ibiza”.

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Eurovision Song Contest: Latvia – Anmary

World Music - the Music Journey

Anmary, born in 1980, is the letvian candidate for Baku 2012. Here’s her song called “Beautiful Song“:

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Music from the US – Grouplove

World Music - the Music Journey

Grouplove  are an indie group formed in 2009 out of California.  Their debut album Never Trust a Happy Song was released in 2011.  This is their hit single “Tongue Tied“.  This song was used on the soundtrack for the Apple iPod Touch TV commercial.  They are performing a US headline tour April – June, so look for them in concert if you’re in the US!


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Spammers Stop Trolling For A Link: Try The 3 Step Troll Cure Instead

Anise Smith Marketing



There is Social Media and there is SPAM, never should the two meet at any time. The instances of people spamming to get a link is growing to ridiculous proportions. Seriously spammers, this is NOT AN EFFECTIVE STRATEGY!


I have read articles and posts about how people chase bloggers to post comments for a backlink. Social Media really is NOT about this, it is about engaging, creating great content and sharing with people that follow your social media channels. I am at a loss as to what goals are being accomplished by leaving lame and totally ridiculous comments on blog when most bloggers have some sort of comments system in place to catch spammy comments.  Take a look at the ridiculous comments below, like I would seriously allow that nonsense to be left as a comment.



It may be me, but my thoughts are, why not…

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The Black Orchid


Dress by Topshop (Sold out, similar here), Leather Shorts by Topshop, Sunglasses by Linda Farrow (From Browns Fashion), Heels by Isa Tapia (From Saks in NY), Rings & Accessories by Urban Outfitters/YSL

G’Morning guys! How you doin’? Im good. However, I must apologise for the lack of “Weekly Workwear” for the past two weeks. Turns out, workwear doesn’t offer a possibility to be very creative and inspirational after all, shocker huh? I decided rather than to post a boring workwear outfit (waste of your and my time), I would wait until the I had the inspiration for some funky workwear outfits! So from now on, it could be “Monthly Workwear”, “Every Other Week Workwear”, “Weekly Workwear”….who knows?! Tonight I am going to Sevenoaks (my boyfriend’s hometown), we are going to watch a musical and have dinner. I have no idea which one as I am just along for the…

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Political Spam – Social Media Slams on GOP Candidates

Interesting is the statements at the bottom of this infographic about “Is Political Social Spam Legal”?:

But coercion, misrepresentation and deception are illegal

If the statement is correct, listening and watching what’s happening in political campaigns, one has to wonder if any is legal at all.

Should You Hire Or Contract Your Marketing Department?

Music from China – A Tea Ballad

World Music - the Music Journey

As often, I found a nice song, but don’t know anything about it and its artist:

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Business social networking in China set to grow five fold by 2013 [Infographic] #FlowConnection

ten Hagen's Blog

Business social networking in China set to grow five fold by 2013 [Infographic] #FlowConnection…


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