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Empire Avenue delivers your message

Apple TV in short supply… New model on the way?

Are Apple products really sparking the U.S. job market?

Facebook Has Turned Their Network Into One Enormous Marketing Platform

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“An A-list of 900 marketers attended, all household name brands,” Rebecca Lieb said in a statement. “Facebook was on a mission to drive a stake in the ground on Madison Avenue in this, their first New York event. In that, they succeeded.”

The new Facebook advertising features will better help businesses share and organize one another’s content in a clean and efficient manner. These changes are meant solely for “premium” or paid advertising.

“This is a trend I’m just beginning to see in advertising,” said Rebecca Lieb “Facebook is breaking new ground.”

We have to agree with Rebecca Lieb as Facebook is seemingly taking their network into an entirely different direction. The network is now focused on advertising and marketing more so than connecting with friends or collegues.

Small projects like branch out are keeping the job network together on Facebook but a very low percentage of people who sign…

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Approach Every Day As An Experiment

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Some posts just are not meant to be written.   A few days ago I got an idea for a post,  wrote the title you see above and  downloaded the image at left,  though honestly I’ve forgotten what the image has to do with the title.   I’ve never been twitterpated about memes,  although I have occasionally come up with some clever ones.    My friend Holly,  who will be turning twenty-two on Saturday has a Scavenger hunt contest up on her blog this week.

Honestly,  I want to participate,  although I am finding it quite a challenge.   While I have become known for pictures of pie and other food porn that appear in the background images on this site,  the fact is that I can’t shoot a decent photo to save myself.   (And for a woman who primarily identifies herself as a writer,  Holly is certainly…

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Who needs the Press?

Win an iPad…

Did you ever drive a Ferrari with a Fiat 500 engine? AT&T makes it happen

AT&T hastening demise of unlimited data plans – MarketWatch.

Back to the last century. Real progress. This is holding back everyone that is going with the time and makes use of advanced technology. Too bad that AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are unable to keep up with innovation. In times of iPhone, iPad and other great tools, this sounds like driving a Ferrari with a Fiat 500 engine.

That’s the problem when two or three are calling the shots in an industry. They missed the boat for two decades and the customers have to pay for it now. Looking at news like this, as far as progress, service and customers goes, mergers such as AT&T and T-Mobile are not a good idea.