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Yahoo’s Facebook Lawsuit: Top 10 Twitter Responses

How is Yahoo like Dancing With the Stars? Randi Zuckerberg, former Facebook director of marketing and sister of Mark Zuckerberg, attempted to answer that question via Twitter on Tuesday as Yahoo faced a shower of mostly negative sentiment….Read more

Just one Social Network in the Future?

Every other week, it seems a new stat pops up, released to prove that social network X is more popular than social network Y. Whether it’s Facebook dominating the market, Google+ adding users fast, or newcomer Pinterest grabbing 11 million visits in one month, the battle of the social networks shows no sign of letting up. Many ask, “Who will be the ultimate winner?”…Read more

The Party Of Lincoln


Multiple Usernames & Passwords No More: OneID Unveils Its Next-Gen Identity Service

Camera+ Sees Major Update: Dozens Of Features, New API, Integration With WordPress, Foodspotting & More

Good one.

Talking Barça 21


In this week’s Talking Barça Simon and I look back at the games against Bayer Leverkusen and Racing Santander and an amazing seven-goal week from Leo Messi. We discuss the controversy created over more refereeing decisions and look forward to next Saturday’s game at Sevilla. Hope you enjoy it!

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Is Pinterest the next Napster? – My take on Information, Internet, Pinterest…

Pinterest has caused a lot of talk and discussion between lawyers, Internet users and owners of content such as photographers and others. The popularity of the site and what one can do with it is catching the law on the wrong foot. Click the link to a report about the subject found on Marketwatch at the bottom of this article.

It is obviously right that the law regarding copyright is limping and pretty much was overrun by the Internet and the new sites that pop up on a regular basis. It is also true that the Internet and its sites do nothing else other than sharing information. Here is the thing with information, “information wants to be free”. Continue reading