Is Pinterest the next Napster? – My take on Information, Internet, Pinterest…

Pinterest has caused a lot of talk and discussion between lawyers, Internet users and owners of content such as photographers and others. The popularity of the site and what one can do with it is catching the law on the wrong foot. Click the link to a report about the subject found on Marketwatch at the bottom of this article.

It is obviously right that the law regarding copyright is limping and pretty much was overrun by the Internet and the new sites that pop up on a regular basis. It is also true that the Internet and its sites do nothing else other than sharing information. Here is the thing with information, “information wants to be free”. It is a well known fact, not only since the days of the Internet, if you make information public, this information takes on a dynamic you can’t control anymore.

As a job searcher you can read on a daily basis that you need to check your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and take off everything you don’t want a possible employer to read or know about you. Only post what is relevant to your job and is able to help you in your search. Aha, if you look for a job it is that easy. Why is it, and should it be, any different with other information provided on the Internet? Or, have you seen Coke posting a recipe of their lemonade posted on their web site? Or Google’s or Bing’s algorithm? Or any other provider of any service on how they do it? They tell you a lot of marketing stuff, wisdom and how great they are, that’s about it. Guess what would happen if all these companies would post details about their products and services.

The Internet is information pure. Everything is out there, what you want to read, and what you don’t want to read and see. In my opinion, if you don’t want anything out on the Internet, don’t put it out. Don’t try to take advantage of information that is available and on the other hand try to prevent others from getting information they find attractive.

If you are a photographer, or anyone else, why are you putting your pictures out there? I would assume for the world to see them and how good you are in taking pictures, right? Now you would complain that people like your pictures? By the way, what would you do without the Internet? Do you really believe everyone that pins your pictures would actually buy them? Would you have any exposure at all?

Information wants to be free. No law or other is going to change that. The Internet is your marketing platform. Use it for that. Everything you don’t want to be out there, take it off or protect it. It is possible to prevent people from clipping your stuff. No need to complain or to employ an army of lawyers. And if you do, think about the trade off.

Could Pinterest become the next Napster?

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