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U.S. Search Market Since 2008 – Infographic

Weekly Workwear


Knit & Collar Top by Zara, Skirt by American Apparel (get it here), Belt by Mulberry, Heels by Christian Louboutin (get it here) and Bag by Mulberry.

Good morning! Soooo, I’m feeling a bit broke today. I decided to go all crazymama yesterday (I blame it on the Monday Syndrome) and order 24 items from ASOS. As if 5 or 6 wasn’t enough (it never is!). For those of you who don’t know me very well I have always been like that, if I am going to do something I go all in, otherwise, what’s the point right? Probably shoudln’t keep that perspective when it comes to spending money, but oh well! Soon I’ll be in mountains anyway where there are no shops and no internet! A total money saver! I’m currently having my favourite breakfast in the universe – fresh strawberries and yoghurt! Enjoy…

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Music from Canada – Doc Walker

World Music - the Music Journey

Doc Walker, formed in 1996, is a country rock band from Manitoba. Here’s their song “Country Girl“:

Thanks Zdenko!

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Massive Data Breach: Visa and Mastercard

FedSolutions - IT Management & Consulting

IT Security, hacked, mastercard, visa, Krebs, Fedsolutions, IT supportIf you own a MasterCard or Visa, your credit information has potentially been comprised.  10 million accounts have been stolen. Talk about an IT security alert!

MasterCard is investigating a feared security breach linked to a credit-card processor in the US, it says; Visa has reportedly launched a similar investigation. Although potential card holders have been alerted and the issue is still under investigation, it doesn’t send much relief to all of us looking in on this matter. Just another company exposed with some serious security issues, and is it ever going to get better?

MSNBC.COM reports in-depth about the IT Security breach on Visa and MasterCard accounts:

The theft was first reported by well-known computer security journalist Brian Krebs on his blog, KrebsonSecurity.com. Krebs said the crime involves compromise of a credit card payment processor — a “middle man” that handles transactions between retailers and banks. The name of that…

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Phonedeck Lets You Control Your Cellphone Via The Cloud

YouTube Marketing Gets Serious: Buddy Media Lets Brands Customize Channels With Apps

High gloss flamboyant


Color Fantastic

Greg Kadelcaptures Constance Jablonski in bold spring prints and patterns for a high gloss shoot featured in Numéro #132. Set against various backdrops, stylist Bill Mullen selects colorful looks from Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel and many more with a lingerie twist. A slicked back coif by Raymond McLaren and nontraditional lipstick choices by Francelle Daly-Poiblanc complete the flamboyant outfits.

“I would wear flamboyant clothes and long hair, and most singers at the time didn’t.” Little Richard


Lady cupcake
Electric freshness
Neon Deluxe
Electric kool-aid acid

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