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Yahoo to cut 2,000 jobs – Is Yahoo finished?

Yahoo to cut 2,000 jobs, sees $375 million savings – MarketWatch.

Yahoo is limping behind the music for years. Multiple CEO’s have tried to get the company back on course, but failed miserably. It seems Google, Microsoft and others in the industry are leaving Yahoo behind with no chance to catch up.

Is Yahoo finished? Who will eventually pick them up?

Banks and Financial Industry lacking Social Media Skills

It is no secret that the banking and financial industry are lacking (with little exception) social media skills. Especially since the financial crisis started the public opinion and image went down the t…. Do you think they should do more in regards to social media to improve public opinion, brand management and marketing efforts overall? Your comment on the subject is appreciated.

Credit Unions and Small Business Lending


Titanic Update…

Don’t Overreact to a Potential Social Media Crisis

Best Days of the Week for Social Brand Management

FC Barcelona 3 AC Milan 1 (Barça win 3-1 on aggregate)


Two penalties from Leo Messi and a goal from Andres Iniesta earned Barça a 3-1 win over AC Milan at Camp Nou tonight to claim a place in the Champions League semi finals for a record fifth successive season. Messi’s goals were also record breaking as the first took him past his previous Champions League record – tied with Ruud Van Nistlerooy – of twelve goals in a season, and the second, his fourteenth in this season’s competition equals the fourteen goals in the European Cup scored by Milan’s José Altafini in the 1962/63 season. In all competitions Messi has now scored 58 goals this season.

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Watch As Yahoo’s Business Gradually Becomes Worthless



Watch As Yahoo’s Business Gradually Becomes Worthless

Activist hedge funder Dan Loeb created this chart which shows the diminishing value of Yahoo’s core business over the last seven years.

He says the core businesses value has gone from $30 billion in 2008 based on the Microsoft buyout offer to $2 billion in the last six and half years.

Loeb arrived at the value for Yahoo’s core business by backing out the value of its cash, its stake in Alibaba (after taxes), and Yahoo Japan (after taxes). Importantly, this isn’t necessarily a reflection of the true value of the business, just what the market thinks, says Loeb

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Music from Gabon – Patience Dabany

World Music - the Music Journey

Patience Dabany, born in 1944, is a gabonese singer and musician. Here’s her nice song “On Vous Connait”:

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