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Facebook Relationship Status Update Sparks Gun Fight

Facebook Relationship Status Update Sparks Gun Fight.

Enough hints in this report to just roll eyes and shake heads.


Employers asking for Facebook Password – What’s at stake?

Mashable, 04/05/2012

Music from Columbia – Atrato River & Jorge Leo

World Music - the Music Journey

Don’t know more about the colombian salsa duo Atrato River & Jorge Leo. Here’s their nice song “Fantasia“:

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Privacy Starts With Ones Ability To STOP Irresponsibly OVERSHARING

Anise Smith Marketing

Privacy and oversharing
Social Media has presented us all with the opportunity to engage, share and increase dialogue with many people. The super quick growth of social media has also opened the door to much more with how employers are dealing with social media, individuals, privacy issues, over sharing and much more. YES, I said it OVER SHARING!


I hear so much about Privacy this and privacy that, oh my god Facebook is Invading my privacy again, blah, blah, blah-blah BLAH!  Firstly, there is no such thing as privacy as we’ve known it, we are not living in the 80’s.   If that is what you are looking for you could very easily just quit all of your social media channels and then simply turn OFF your computer. However we all know that is not going to happen.


The third thing that a person could do to make sure their…

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How To Spot Malicious Web Apps

FedSolutions - IT Management & Consulting

IT department, it support, security, malicious apps, Security policy, malware, virus, FedSolutions We now live in the world of smartphones. Having the latest and coolest app is great bragging rights to your friends and colleagues.  Web apps are now dime a dozen and can be a nightmare for IT departments trying to support their colleagues with devices that do not belong to their organization.

IT departments can educate their employees about security policies and also make them aware of the apps out there that could not only infect their phone but also hurt the network they are connected to at work. Bring Your Own Device(BYOD), is not a bad thing as long as the communication between the organization and employees is clear. After all, we all want happy productive employees.

Malicious Web Apps are identified by PCWorld.com to take security measures and awareness to identify which apps can be harmful.

How Can a Web App Be Dangerous?

A Web app is essentially a full-fledged…

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