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The Cars – Shake It Up

Jimi Hendrix – Cocaine

The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman – Time To Say Goodbye

The Negative Shade Of Respect In Relationships

Confluence Media

Many a times in offices, we find the dominating boss who wants everyone in the office to fear him or her. The boss may not necessarily be a person with a negative personality, but this desire exists inside the boss because he or she holds a negative belief that people fearing him is the same as respecting him and respect is something that any boss would naturally yearn for. This can happen in homes also, with a dominating father or a dominating mother doing the same with the other members of the family.

The main reason why this happens is because the boss or the father or the mother is normally lacking in self-respect, although he or she is unaware of it. Due to this, he or she, without realizing again, is looking for it from others and in fact over a period of time, as the need builds…

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Music from Peru/Germany – Wayna Picchu

World Music - the Music Journey

Updated song:

Wayna Picchu is a latin folk band, formed 1994 in Munich, Germany, but basically from San Antonio, Libertad, Peru. Here’s their song “El Cóndor Pasa“, a traditional song from Peru:

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In Affiliate Marketing You Need A Website To Score

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In Affiliate Marketing You Need A Website To Score.

The dominant effective and necessary appliance in Affiliate Marketing is your claim website. The beginning degree in several beneficial allies selling business is building a good, believable and masterful observing website…

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AOL Sells 800 Patents For $1 Billion To Microsoft [Memo To Staff]

Ashley Young still airborne

Kicking Sport

Air traffic control in the Manchester area is a shambles as Manchester United’s flying winger Ashley Young shows no signs of coming to earth.

Young’s energetic dive at Old Trafford yesterday sent him skywards and he’s yet to return to ground, putting all air traffic on alert for possible detours.

NASA’s satellite control team are also said to be getting “nervous” at reports Young could be lodged in orbit.

Plane enthusiast Rich from Salford exclaimed, “I’d have thought Ryanair will be looking to buy him in the transfer window, the way he flew off without any launching gear. Put someone on his back and you’d have a dirt-cheap journey.

“Imagine how he’d go if someone really pushes him!

“Sir Alex must be so proud.”

QPR’s Shaun Derry added, “I know first-hand he’s definitely got what it takes to make it in the airline industry.”

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Here’s Lenovo’s Latest Android Tablet, The 9.7-inch IdeaTab S2109


Encyclopedia Britannica vs. Wikipedia – Infographic

Mashable, 03/16/2012

Infographic courtesy of Statista.