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Google’s Amazing Growth – Infographic

Mashable, 04/13/2012

Apple rebuffs Federal charges about e-book price fixing…

Kaleidoscope arrives on iPhone… – Curated Street-Style Fashion

Facebook now sync Timeline and Email Addresses…


16 Ways for Educators to use Pinterest

Mashable, 04/11/2012

Music From Togo – Toofan

World Music - the Music Journey

Toofan is a Togolese band made up by Barraba and Master Just, performing Afro-pop, and dance   music. Here’s their song “Africa hóye”

listen also Ce Magik

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OVERCOMING PLATEAUS!! a very common problem that people have. From athletes to the everyday person trying to lose a few pounds…

Facebook One-Ups Google With A Kind Of ‘Facebook+’: Your FB Email, Timeline Names Are Now Linked Up

A Completely Useless Chart On Google+

Yeah, true, but that is not different with Facebook. Nobody knows how many people have 2 or more accounts and how many are really using it. Fact is only that Facebook is popular and that Google+ is getting there, sooner or later.


A Completely Useless Chart On Google+

Google revealed that it has 170 million registered users on Google+.

That’s amazing right? After all, it only launched in June.

Uh, no.

Google has hundreds of millions of users and it’s stuffing Google+ down their throats. Naturally, many people are going to sign up. What we don’t know is how many people are actually using Google+.

The chart that you see above is what Google wants you to think is happening with Google+. It wants you to think the service is taking off.

The truth of the matter is that we just don’t know because Google won’t tell us.

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Music from Brazil – Thiago Pethit

World Music - the Music Journey

Thiago Pethit is a great singer from Brazil. Here’s his song “Mapa-Múndi”, the second one here:

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Tips To Keep Your Mac Safer

Good one. Thank you!

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The Flashback Trojan is all evil to Mac users. Why? Malware and Trojan’s are not supposed to exist with Macs, but we were wrong. It is a reality and now it’s time to take some action.

If you haven’t checked your Mac then please use this tool to find out if you have the virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mac.  Also, talk with your IT department or support about this virus to better secure your Mac.

This is new territory for Mac users and probably not the end of the what we can expect in the future, so it’s time to educate ourselves on some tips to further protect yourself.

CNET.com has 6 tips to protect your Mac:

  • Get a security suite: You can stop rolling your eyes now. Concerns about security suite performance generally come from the way that most security programs used to tie Windows into…

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How to Clean Up Social Media…