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Smartphones – Where and when do we lose them? – Infographic

Mashable, 04/15/2012

Green Jobs U.S.A.

junesteward’s Blog

I love infographics with great design and I especially love them when they actually have useful information. This one has both. As a designer, I’ve had to work in industries that weren’t selling the best products and in some cases over-priced useless products. Much blood, sweat and tears went into those campaigns, but I never felt particularly proud when we had a successful one. Except for the low-paying non-profits that I did work for, I had to accept the fact that to earn money as a designer, I had to compromise my values–sometimes a lot!

That’s why I found this infographic so enticing. The green industry is good for the environment and the economy. At this point, I’m at a crossroads in my career. On the one hand, I want out, on the other, I’d like to use what I’ve learned over the years to give back to the community…

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Dear Ann Romney: Allow Others the Choice You Made

Always Question Authority

By Dante Atkins for Daily Kos

I am a proud progressive, both socially and economically. My heart bleeds just as much for economic justice as it does for full equality for women and the LGBT community. As a progressive, as a liberal, the primary objective for which I fight is the right to self-determination: people, regardless of race, class, gender, orientation or any other fortuitous circumstance of birth, should have the ability to pursue their dreams. My liberal identity comes from the belief that government must take a proactive role in ensuring that those whose origins were more humble than others are free from discrimination and at least have a ladder to climb, instead of being forced to watch helplessly as the more fortunate dance on the top rung.

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Digitization project to ‘unlock’ Vatican, Oxford libraries