Internet Restrictions – Governments, Music Industry and Lobbyists Working to Restrict Internet for People

According to Google co-founder Sergey Brin, governments and the overzealous music industry are gearing up to bring major changes to the Internet. With a new “act” to limit the Internet coming out on a regular basis, this is common knowledge. It is no secret that the music industry, and others,  is lobbying heavy to restrict people’s freedom and abilities to operate on the Internet.

It is also common knowledge that a certain group of politicians, “backed” by different industry lobbyists, are looking to shortcut the rest of us when it comes to Internet usage and the opportunities the Internet gives us. These groups are looking for control and a monopolistic environment in order to protect what they have.

Their is nothing wrong with protecting “yours”, but the Internet is a creation that turned out into a place for “common good” and should therefore stay exactly that without restrictions. Every economist can calculate the $loss for any advanced economy, if these groups and lobbyists are successful to secure the Internet for a few.

There is one good example what all this means in practice: Remember the light bulb and Edison? Imagine the candle industry being successful in banning this amazing and world changing invention just for their own good. Besides of sitting in the dark, there would be many other restrictions put on our lives, just to satisfy the greed of some.

The Internet and what it means for people is not different. In times of unemployment it has given many people the opportunity to earn an income and stay off government services and will continue to do so. It has given people the opportunity to express themselves and make changes for good. Especially over the last two years the Internet, combined with social media, has made a name for itself as freedom supporting tool. The events in North Africa, the Middle East and in other parts of the world are certainly great examples to support this statement.

Please keep in mind that it is not necessary to change and restrict the Internet in order to protect us all from criminal activity. Such activity has been around before the Internet and will be around even if the Internet is restricted. There is enough technology and qualified law enforcement available to keep all of us safe without restricting people and their opportunities. What all these “acts” and changes and restrictions would really do is, secure the music industry and a few others “do what you want” attitude on the expense of all of us including progress and innovation.

That people don’t have to accept these activities of lobbyists, industries and even politicians has been demonstrated by the miserable fail of SOPA. As long as people and Internet supporting organizations voice their opinion, changes and restrictions can be avoided. Sitting still and accepting whatever comes up would have major consequences for all of us and generations to come.

While I am sure that there will be many opportunities in the future to express your opinion about the subject, I would appreciate your comment in the comment section below.

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One response to “Internet Restrictions – Governments, Music Industry and Lobbyists Working to Restrict Internet for People

  1. Music business association NARM Pres. JIM DONIO offered his perspective in a statement that read: “NARM and applaud the RIAA, NMPA and DiMA on reaching an agreement on mechanical royalty rates intended to cover current music formats and new product and service categories. The standardizing of rates and terms encourages innovation and fosters growth of new digital and physical products and services in the marketplace, giving consumers more choices around the music they love. Our members look forward to engaging in the next steps of this process as they look at how these new rates and terms will figure into their own visions for the next decade of creative and competitive music delivery.”

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