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Is Social Media Taking Over The News Industry – Infographic

Mashable, 04/18/2012

300 km/h motorcycle ride posted online launches B.C. police investigation

Some people do everything to be seen. Stupid is an understatement!

Klout launches brand pages « iMediaConnection Blog

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Manlio Mannozzi


Klout has partnered with Red Bull in unveiling “Brand Squads,” the start-up company’s version of brand pages. Klout measures influence and reach on social media platforms, assigning a score zero to 100.

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Cead Mile Failte at Tig Cóilí’s in Galway, Ireland

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How Marketers Are Using Social Media – Infographic

2012 Social Media Report How Marketers Are Using Social Media for Business in 2012 [Infographic]

Research: Only 6% of UK Consumers Care About TV Apps; 12% Want Mobile TV; 19% Want 3D

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How to be genuine in the workplace and enhance career success

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One of the worst career moves you can make is to be a fake person in the office. Whether you are just complimenting someone to score brownie points, or being nice to someone in person only to belittle them behind their backs, it is something that is going to get you nowhere in the office. Being something you are not will eventually backfire on you because you will always show your true colors eventually..

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