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It can be done – Real Madrid and Jose Mourinho claim La Liga Title from Barca and Pep Guardiola

Saturday’s clasico between the two soccer heavy weights Real Madrid and Barca once again delivered an outstanding soccer event worth watching. Saturday’s winner: Real Madrid. With a deserved win over their rival from Barcelona, Real has more or less secured the championship in La Liga.  With four games left, Real is seven points ahead of Barca and can only lose the title if Christmas and Easter fall on the same day.

Sami Khedira put Real up, while Alexis goal tied the game for a few minutes until Cristiano Ronaldo took Oezil’s master pass and secured the win for Real.

The much anticipated clash between the giants demonstrated that Barca can be beaten at Camp Nou. While Barca dominated possession, Real, like Chelsea in the middle of the week, controlled the game from a defensive position. With Real shutting down the major supply lines Messi, Xavi and Iniesta, Barca couldn’t develop the grip it takes to break the Real defense.  Dangerous attacking by Real also kept Barca honest when it comes to establishing overwhelming pressure. Very rarely was Barca able to confuse Real’s defense and when it happened the few opportunities were generously wasted.

Jose Mourinho, who is in the firing line of the press for month, should have a good night sleep and sweet dreams for the night. The Portuguese is on the hitlist of the entire soccer press around the world after deciding not to speak to the press anymore. Since soccer knowledge is usually low in the soccer press, but personal revenge need high, the coach had to listen and read all kind of nonsense over the past weeks. Since the midweek loss at Bayern Munich the heat has turned up and the press claimed and reported all kind of stuff from tactical mistakes to personal issues and back. The win against Barca and the win of La Liga should ease the pressure for the Portuguese, at least until the second leg champions league semi final against Bayern Munich.

Real is facing Bayern Munich on Wednesday and Real is under pressure to overcome a 2-1 deficit in order to reach the champions league final. With Saturday’s presentation against Barca, Real should be ready for the Germans.

Barca on the other hand has to overcome a few other obstacles in order to reach the final.  It will be interesting to see how the success spoiled team is dealing with a mini crisis after two consecutive losses in major games. Failing to overcome the 1-0 deficit against Chelsea on Tuesday will leave the Catalan’s with nothing else than the Copa del Rey, or even nothing.  The same result has left Real on the receiving end of healthy laughter from parts of the press last year.

It is very well possible that the dream of a champions league final between Real and Barca will be busted in the coming week. Bayern Munich and Chelsea are travelling to Spain with the determination to defend their lead and will fight with the knife between their teeth. Both have major motivations and issues themselves and are fighting for European participation next season and in Bayern’s case, for participation in the final in their own stadium.  Full Report and Comment Section


The Future of Online Sharing – Infographic

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F1 reacts to death of Bahraini protestor

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Kicking Sport

F1 has been stunned by the news of the death of a protestor last night and many prominent figures involved in the race have given a few seconds to give the impression they actually care what is going on in the country.

Constant criticism from all quarters of the decision to stage the Grand Prix despite the civil unrest has not stopped Bernie Ecclestone and his minions from giving the gravy train full steam ahead, and the death of protestors seems unlikely to even make it onto the teams’ hi-tech weather radars.

Ecclestone confirmed, “We don’t really know what’s going on outside the circuit but I can assure you that projected earnings from this Grand Prix are at around $500 million.

“The Crown Prince is OK with everything so I’ll go along with him.”

Pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel reacted: “Well obviously it’s tragic news but it doesn’t concern me and the…

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Music from Sweden – Roxette

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World Music - the Music Journey

I don’t think there are many out there who don’t know of this successful Swedish duo.  Their most successful hit single would be their 1989 single “The Look”.  They have released nine albums, had numerous hit singles and won tons of awards.  They are back with their new album Travelling.  This is their hit single “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio) ” off of the new album.

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NY Tech Day: “Justify Your Startup’s Existence In 20 Seconds”

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How Streaming Video is Killing the DVD – Infographic

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Is The Race For the White House Being Fought on Wikipedia? – Infographic

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