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Brooklyn Decker – GQ.com

Brooklyn’s Finest
She’s a fast talker. She speaks her mind. She looks bonkers in a bikini. Yes, She’s still married to that handsome tennis player who almost always makes it to the quarterfinals. But don’t worry—she says we have permission to stare. That’s why Brooklyn Decker is, now and forever, the kind of girl who really floats our boat Read More and see More Pictures


Is the Digital World Killing Creativity? – Infographic

Mashable, 04/24/2012


Millennials Worry How Connectivity Will Impact Our Future – Infographic

Mashable, 04/24/2012

Zynga Contributed 15% of Facebook’s Revenue In Q1, Down From 19% A Year Ago

From: Best Colleges Online

[INFOGRAPHIC] How #Social Web Sites Make Money : 5 Revenue Models Explained #FlowConnection

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How #Social Web Sites Make Money : 5 #Revenue Models Explained #FlowConnection…

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Preview: FC Barcelona vs Chelsea


With a place in next month’s Uefa Champions League Final at stake, Barça play hosts to Chelsea at Camp Nou. To reach Munich, Barça need to overturn a 1-0 deficit after Didier Drogba’s goal at Stamford Bridge last Wednesday gave Chelsea the lead from the first leg.

Pep Guardiola will need to decide on the right formula for the game. Does he pick his best eleven players and then fit them into a formation, or should he choose his system first and then decide on the players for each position?

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Toga TOga TOGAAAAAAA!!! here’s a lil chart nowbody wanna show! How really drug is part of our Culture

Thanks for this one. It’s about time that someone mentions this. I still believe I am the only one in this entire country that has never used any drugs.


Ok we’ve all been there….College years….where nothing seems to be bothering us….and life was rolling on Rock n’Roll lullabies, caring us from a Toga Party to the other…

No rules if not to be broken, No authority if not to be challenged, no taxes and fundamental costs other than beers and gas to move our cars and our souls away from the ghost of a normal life that was already hazing on the horizon….
Yeah!!! Those were Days!
those were values!!!Friendship, Foolishness and ….lot of chicks!

Wait a second!?! what’s that look on ur face now?!?!
what’s so strange about all this!??!

Are U REALLY trying to tell me that College Life is not like that for everyone!??!?
No Drunken Comas?!?!
No Drugs?!!
No Risking your life driving in the middle of nowhere just for the fun to find another party to fool the night away!??!?!
Well according to THIS…

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