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Pep Guardiola to leave at end of season

Guardiola to leave at end of season – La Liga News | FOX Sports on MSN.

This will cause some major speculation in the coming days and weeks. It already started with the possibility, or speculation, that Sir Alex at Manchester United might have his last season. United rival Manchester City and Roberto Mancini as well as Chelsea and Roberto Di Matteo are now up for speculations.

Guardiaola did an outstanding job at Barca and a line of interested clubs will probably form over the next days. Let’s enjoy that spectacle.

Randy Gage – Live Rich


Maxim Magazine – Beer made for me!

Weihenstephaner Vitus
Buzz Of The Day
Maxim Staff

Brand: Weihenstephaner Vitus

Why You Want It: In 2011, Weihenstephaner Vitus won World’s Best Beer in the World Beer Awards. So what else do you need to know? It has floral and citrus notes, and tastes curiously (and deliciously) of banana! Weihenstephaner, or just Yummy Stephaner as we like to call it, is creamy, warm, and full of traditional German goodness! Köstlich! (Look it up.)

Beer made for me!


The GQ.com Lust List 2012 – GQ.com

The Lust List
See all the women you’ll be lusting after in 2012, including the next Bond girl, some of Victoria’s worst-kept secrets, and Mrs. Don Draper
Photographs by Matt Irwin

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How Green is your iPad? – Infographic

Mashable, 04/20/2012


How Social Media is Changing Sports – Infographic


Mashable, 04/27/2012

What Stops You from Being Positive?

Confluence Media

There are many reasons that make it difficult to produce and hold on to positivity in your mind and attitude. The external information we receive is mainly negative, and our thoughts and conversations are based on this information. Other causes include:

* Other people’s negativity rubbing off on you;
* Other people’s criticisms influencing you;
* Self-doubt;
* Lacking clear objectives in life;
* Not having recognized your true qualities, virtues and values;
* Lacking self-confidence;
* Not believing you are a positive person;
* Keeping the past in your mind;
* Being egoistic;
* Comparing yourself with others;
* Having low self-esteem;
* Being frustrated or irritated;
* Lacking flexibility or tolerance with people or situations, etc.

Positive Reflections For The Day are messages sent by the Brahma Kumaris. If you are not receiving Positive Reflections already and would like to receive it daily, from the Brahma Kumaris…

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