Saturday Morning News – Update in Progress

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

What’s hot today? News, views about tech, internet, social media, finance, politics, entertainment and everything else thats moving and shaking.

Presented by The Main Street Anayst  –  Update in Progress

2 responses to “Saturday Morning News – Update in Progress

  1. Congrats on further ruining the Humor tag. Now run home and tell your mother what a good job you did

    • Bad post, I know. Trying stuff out this morning and actually was about to delete the post. I might leave it on now. Sometimes you can create something good out of lemons, if you know what I mean.
      The first sentence of your comment is well deserved. The second, however, doesn’t indicate a lot of intelligence and style on your side. In my opinion, you should watch the choice of words when you address people in public. People might think you don’t have a lot going on under the hat. Enjoy the Saturday, my friend. Thanks again for the first part of your comment.

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