Burning Question – Is Lobbying Bribery?

2012 is an election year and the lawmakers in Washington have a lot of stuff on their plate. With that, a lot of lobbyists representing all kind of different interests are present and go in and out in our elected representative’s offices.

Many people say that lobbying is bribery. What is your opinion about the subject? Is it? is lobbying bribery? Please leave your response in the comment section.

9 responses to “Burning Question – Is Lobbying Bribery?

  1. Bestechungen und Lobbyisten sind auch unter Nichtpolitiker zu finden. Sie müssen nur etwas bescheidener ihre Wege gehen sowie ihre Interessen vertreten. Z.B. die einen hantieren mit Dollars, die anderen mit Eaves. Nix neues auf dem Planeten, alles war schon und wird immer sein 😉

  2. Merriam-Webster’s definition of Bribe
    1: money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust

    2: something that serves to induce or influence

    Seems like lobbying would fall under that category, eh?

    • That’s true, however the idea that a group of people with a comment interest can approach politicians to highlight they’re needs to concerns if perfectly acceptable. It only becomes bribery when something is offered to the politicians by the lobby groups.

      Lobbying has become so synonymous with bribery that people have forgotten one can exist without the other. When I email my MP I’m lobbying them, when I fill out petitions I’m lobbying.

      • I agree, Emma. Interest groups are nothing bad. And one way or the other, we all lobby somehow. The problem we have here is that in the conversation the lobbyists have with the politicians the next donation from some industry leader for the next campaign comes up. That can water down lobbying to bribery. That one can make huge “donations” to some politicians campaign is probably the real problem and gives lobbying the bad taste.

  3. I’m not sure that it’s bribery up front, it’s more like graft. The purpose of every business is to perpetuate the business, and yes, government is a business.

  4. Lobbying isn’t bribery, bribery is bribery. Many so called lobby groups are just in fact bribing politicians.

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