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Empire Avenue Mission Cheating – Even Some Leaders Cheat

Mission cheating is still in full swing. It is time that the leaders and influencers on Empire Avenue step up and make a statement. Remember, you have a lot of followers and they want guidance. You are offering guidance in blog posts, communities and many other ways. This is a chance to make a leadership statement and be a real leader and influencer.

Four weeks ago, I wrote a few articles about mission cheating and got a lot of positive responses. Positive in the sense that people don’t like it. It made me feel better that I am not the only one that can get fired up over the cheaters. In the days following my posts, I included a little warning that I will call cheaters out. That obviously took the sting out of a few of these people and those that had cheated on my missions in the past left my missions alone. The success rates of my missions went clearly up and most missions had actually a 100% success rate. As it always is, if you stop pay attention, things change. At one point I eased the message in my missions a little and just added “Don’t cheat”.  Over the last week or so I didn’t check on the missions anymore and I am sure if I go back and check, I will find bad things. Anyway, this morning I ran a, for me, big mission and the result is absolutely bad. Just 30% of people were willing to complete a mission after taking the eaves, even though I advertised that I will monitor the mission.

In the past people stated if you only put 500 eaves out for a mission, cheaters will walk over it and take it. Some came up with ridiculous excuses why that is. Today’s mission was for 3,000 eves and the result was absolutely terrible. Mission cheating is in full swing. This mornings experience thought me that even the big and respected players are involved in mission cheating. Here is what happened:

Over the past few days I ran a few missions and not all closed with all slots taken. Since I don’t want to archive the missions and take the eaves back, I got the glorious idea to run a “special mission” to get them closed. I put out 3,000 eaves to finish 3 other missions. I added the three mission links to a new blog post and set the mission link to this blog post. Continue reading