Top 10 Countries To Live And Work In 2012 – Infographic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else? This is one of the best infographics we’ve ever seen, created by Infographic Labs and displaying the results of the most recent survey of expats around the world on the best countries to live and work abroad in.
This extensively researched infographic showcases the results of the latest expat surveys on the top countries to live and work abroad in- and why. As a bonus we’ve included how these countries rank when it comes to measuring cost of living, certainly a factor when deciding where to live.

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21 responses to “Top 10 Countries To Live And Work In 2012 – Infographic

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  2. Reblogged this on An Average American Woman and commented:
    Wow, Singapore who would have guessed??

  3. Yea, Re-Blogging this, can’t believe Singapore made #1 (where’d you get your data?)

    • Yea, serious, I’d like to know where the data came from.. It’s Very Hard to believe with all the turmoil Mexico is in, that it even made the top ten. Not to mention beat the USA, which I could see if their woman weren’t stolen and trafficked, and the drug cartel’s didn’t kill the journalists and payoff or out right run whole parts of Mexico. This is a country in serious trouble, I can’t believe it made the list as “best places to work’ That’s NOT even including the wages.

      • You can see the data sources on the bottom left of the graphic. I can assure you, when I saw this I was just as surprised as you are. I am pretty sure that some of the numbers might “limp” when you really compare them straight with each other.

        On the other hand, it’s not that we are doing extremely well. As a matter of fact, besides having debt that’s is growing out of the roof, we have a lot of stuff on the plate that needs to be fixed. Infrastructure is one of them. We look like Europe in the 70’s. Health care, 15% of population has no healthcare… Do I need to comment on that? So, it is not really a surprise. We are not looking as good as we believe we do.

      • Oh, I’m surprised we’re on it at all, and insurance, I’m the one that got hit by a driver who had no insurance, almost 5 years later, I’m just at the tail end of my recovery, it’s why I don’t talk on the phone much. It’s the last thing to return. so, I’m a “total loss” my business “total loss” both for the rest of my life, and my insurance company (personal insurance ) whom we were paying almost 800 per month for at the time, wants almost 1/2 my measly 100K settlement. Go Figure. and they have a right to it evidently. So Me, I’m not surprised at all, it’s why I’m working with President Obama’s Campaigns.

        Mexico is what really surprised me, they are always on a state department watch list, the number of women that get kidnapped / murdered there would choke a horse.. They just had an incident this year where like 8 journalist were murdered. They surprise me of being on the list, and that they rate higher than we do. Not that we’re doing so great, but I didn’t think that bad. Look at the workers from Mexico that come here, if Mexico was so great, would they be coming here? lolol!! we might want to post this at the border crossings.

      • I am sorry to hear that, Elaine. I think the most people don’t understand how miserable our healthcare actually is, until something happens and help is needed. I am wondering where this leads to when I hear they want to cut costs. People are getting older and need MORE healthcare. I don’t get it.

        I think the Mexicans already got that. I read somewhere the trend has already turned around. The number is shrinking. I think the major problem they have is the drug business. Everything and everyone involved is not living a peaceful life. Other than that, it seems to get better. Besides that, what would we do without them?

      • I’m sorry, I missed the context of the question, what we we do without whom? Mexico?

        And fyi, get yourself/family what is called an “Umbrella Policy” for like $250.00 per year, you get about a 1 Million dollar policy that “covers everything your other insurance does not” It’s a catch all, very few people know about them. It’s a great policy to have. As soon as I got to a point I could communicate effectively the first thing I did was change our policy, and I know this is going to sound like a commercial, sorry for that, but it is #true I called up our local Farmer’s insurance, I’d remember’d paying mom’s bill and helping her with her, so when I called and got the estimates, the difference was astronomical on coverage and cost, I got over twice the coverage I had previously for about 2/3 of what I’d previously been paying with various places, for car, house, etc. One thing I demanded on though, and I’m getting to where I do this with all corporations/companies, I demand on a single point of contact who is going to be responsible for my account and TO me. Which means no surprised, full disclosure, and I record the conversations. Google talk has great features for that. I’ve lost total faith in insurance companies who don’t care a single thing except the premium being paid. So, if they can write in a paragraph that ‘puts a corporation like Microsoft before the Victims Rights Amendments, I can record my calls. LOL 🙂
        I do need to write a few articles because the general public is very ignorant in this area, which is how the companies get away with it.

    • Have you ever been to Singapore?

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  5. Regular, as the financial system improves and consumer build confidence, more than half of Americans, (52%) think like they can just pay for the basics, and many with six-figure incomes yet think like they are recently scraping by. A survey found that 18% of American households earning between $99,000 and $149,000 said they could only have enough money for the basics, along with, an added10 % saying they at times can’t still afford those staples.

    • We’re in that category, and I’ll tell you, I don’t know how people do get buy. My husband and I are very unique in that, we never take vacations, we pay cash for everything, so we don’t owe anything except our home and standard bills. But when you start adding co-pay’s and car insurance and heating, and light etc, in, you’re looking at a minimum of 3K a month for Living expenses, and that’s still not counting things like ‘new cloths’ or eating out or replacement of equipment/resources that expire after time. It’s damn expensive to live here. I don’t even look at the steaks anymore, at anywhere from 9-15,00 PER POUND..

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    Japan is #1 in local food… if you can afford it, haha!

  7. I love the graphics. I am startled by the results. I’m surprised that Canada isn’t on the list and I’m not Canadian. Excellent article. a picture can tell a thousand words but also can be very enjoyable. 😉

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  9. Interesting list, I bet we’d all have out own top 10 though!

  10. YES! I’ve lived in 4 countries and the past couple years almost moved to the UK and Switzerland. It’s important to research the Quality of Life AND the Standard/Cost of Living compared to the country you are currently residing. You have to consider whether the Cost of Living in another country is going to change your lifestyle and if you are willing to make those changes/sacrafices. No two countries are the same, so don’t expect your lifestyle to stay the same. It may, or it may not. You don’t want to go through the hassle of moving there, only to end up not able to afford and enjoy it!

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