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What is a Facebook Power User – Infographic

Are you among the 20-30% of the Facebook population that’s considered power users? If you’ve logged in to the social network already today, there’s a good chance you are one of the addicted elite. This infographic, created by DemandForce, details what it means to be a Facebook power user. For starters, you likely kick butt at basic F-book activities, like sending friend requests, commenting and pressing the “Like” button. Sounds pretty basic, right?…Read More

Source: Mashable.com

James Bond “Skyfall” – Official Trailer

Skyfall 007 – Official Website

Skyfall 007 – Gallery


Beautiful People: James Bond “Skyfall” Girl – Berenice Marlohe

Photo: Matt Irwin – GQ 2012 Lust list

The Femme Fatale: Bérénice Marlohe
How You Know Her: French model-actress making her English-language film debut this fall in Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond movie. (Although if you watch a lot of French TV, you may know her from Equipe Médicale d’Urgence.) Doesn’t look like she’ll have trouble selling the whole “I will totally cut your throat over some microfilm” thing…More


Three Facts About Brand Advocates – Infographic

Brand Advocates – consumers and business buyers who frequently recommend brands and products without being paid – are highly trusted and influential. Their recommendations drive trillions of dollars of purchase decisions for everything from cars to computers, fish tacos to fitness memberships, software to smart phones. Now, a new study sponsored by Zuberance has revealed three surprising findings about Brand Advocates…Read More

Source: infographiclabs.com, zuberance.com – blog