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Formula 1 2011 06 Monaco GP Sebastian Vettel Onboard Pole Position Lap

Obama And Romney – Fight For The White House on Twitter – Infographic

One of the battles in the war for the White House is being fought on Twitter. It’s common knowledge that Obama’s beating Romney hand-over-fist in followers: the president has more than 15 million followers, compared to Romney’s half-million. However, the number of social followers alone doesn’t mean much — instead, the key to waging a successful political campaign on Twitter is engagement.

Along those lines, how does President Obama’s Twitter presence stack up with that of Republican rival Mitt Romney? PeekAnalytics, a social audience measurement service, did some digging to find out…Read More

Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, PashaIgnatov

Mashable.com, 05/25/2012