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How Eyes Look At Pinterest – How Your Boards Are Seen, Mashable.com Report

Pinterest doesn’t just look different than other social networks — it’s looked at in a different way, too.

While most websites draw users’ gazes toward the left-hand side of the page, participants in a recent eye-tracking study for Mashable instead shifted their eyes from the top down the middle of the page. They also spent relatively less time looking at profile information than their counterparts who looked at Facebook pages.

The study, which was conducted by EyeTrackShop, used the webcams of 600 participants to track their eye movements as they looked at top category and brand Pinterest pages for 10-second intervals. They answered a quick survey about each page after viewing it.

Here are some more interesting observations from the results:

Source: Mashable.com


Copyright Industries Are Chasing Shadows – Infographic

This chart shows the weekly number of URLs requested to be removed from Google Search results.

Source: Statista

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