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Social Media Leaders 2012 – Infographic

So you’re new to this whole social media thing. Maybe you’re savvy enough to know your Facebook from your Twitter, your Pinterest from your Spotify. But what about Tagged? Xing? Futubra? Where do they fit into the social media ecosystem? Just learning their names is enough to make your head spin, let alone how large they are or what kind of numbers they’re pulling down…Read More

Sources: Mashable.com, Soci@l Jumpstart


Why LinkedIn Beats Facebook As A Stock – Infographic

This chart shows LinkedIn’s revenue growth from Q1 2009 to Q1 2012, broken down by segment. It is the reason why Wall Street likes LinkedIn more than Facebook. LinkedIn has “three legs” to stand on, while Facebook relies on advertising to create revenue.

Source: Statista


All The Sexy Vamps From HBO’s “True Blood” – GQ.com

Photo: Terry Richardson

See the sexy vamps and living residents of Bon Temps from HBO’s “True Blood” in all their glory in this exclusive gallery… Read and See More – GQ.com

Letting go of negative people – By Randy Gage

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Plagiarism Is On The Rise – Students Struggle To Understand – Infographic

When doing homework, many students turn to the same websites as they do when they’re surfing the web under other circumstances.

Four of the top ten most-cited websites on Easybib, a site used to create more than 500 million citations, are user-generated sites like Wikipedia and YouTube.

Meanwhile, Google is filling the niche research databases once dominated. A recent ethnographic study found that students referred to Google more than any other database when discussing their research habits.

When they did use the search engine, they had trouble finding appropriate sources within the results…Read More

Source: Mashable.com iStockphoto, Squaredpixels,