Mobile Apps And The Cloud – Infographic

Mobile apps and the cloud are going all the way to the altar together. They’ve been in a relationship for several years and are now inseparable.

True love can be hard to explain, but in this case the relationship is based on pragmatism. More and more people are buying, using and relying on smartphones in their everyday lives. Much of that use and reliance revolves around mobile apps. The more mobile apps people use, the more data their phones consume and the more space they need to store all that information. Enter the cloud.

Just how ubiquitous are smartphones becoming? More than a billion such devices will be sold in the year 2014, according to a Credit Suisse estimate. By the same year, the market for cloud-based mobile apps will have increased by 90% compared to 2009. By 2016, analysts predict there will be 10 billion connected mobile devices in use globally, and smartphone traffic will be 50 times what it is today…Read More

Source:, Engine Yard

2 responses to “Mobile Apps And The Cloud – Infographic

  1. The cloud is ever more pervasive but for me, it is not in the ability to move my personal data there, it is about the ability to easily create a Personal Cloud that I control. Great article, and nice Infographic!

  2. A few months ago cloud based apps for smartphones were an option, take a look at the HTC X’s come with dropbox, skydrive, auto load files to cloud storage cleanly and effeciently. Its just going to keep on growing and growing

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