Generation Z – They Never Knew A World Without Internet – Infographic

A creative look at Generation Z or sometimes known as ‘iGeneration’. This is the generation who never knew a time when the internet did not exist.

The Baby Boomers, the Me Generation, Gen X, Gen Y, and now Gen Z. Each generation that comes is given a very convenient label, not because labels are cool (okay, it kinda is) but because these labels actually describe that generation — and to an uncanny degree. The “Me” Generation was really obsessed about itself and about pursuing personal success and greatness. Generation X was the lost generation in more ways than one, coming of age at a time when the world is already undergoing a radical shift in values and outlook.

At this point in time, Generation Z is about to come of age. They are starting to enter the workforce and are beginning to make their presence felt in all aspects of society. So who is Generation Z and what do they have to offer? This handy infographic tells you a lot of facts about these kids. It’s an eye-opening glimpse on the kids that never knew a time without an internet.

Sources: infographiclabs,,

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