Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue – Social Media Rocket Fuel

As a professional in the marketing and social media industry, I am watching online business and business attempts for over15 years. Over that time period a lot of things have developed and looking at today’s state of things, it is quite enormous what business opportunity has developed out of the Internet. It is a completely new economy that grew out of it.

While 15 years ago, there haven’t been enough people online to justify a serious web business, today’s picture is completely different. Looking at some Facebook profiles, even dogs and cats are online.

According to news reports, social media experts and other gurus, some major players have developed in the social media industry. The major players are certainly Twitter, Facebook, Google with Google+ and a few other upcoming and fast growing stars, such as Pinterest. As a social media and business leader, I claim I know an awful lot about business and social media and how the two can go hand in hand.  With that claim under my belt, I am wondering why a small Canadian company with the name Empire Avenue has been overlooked by technology news and major brands as a major social media player.

What and who is Empire Avenue? According to the company, Empire Avenue is the fastest and most effective way to expand, engage and evaluate your social networks. And to get around all the blablabla and attempts to explain it, there is no other explanation that would fit better than this, if you look at it as a tool to boost your social media campaign.

When I search for a better explanation what Empire Avenue actually is, I always read about “the social stock market”. Well, that is true, but only for those that are on for gaming and playing purposes and have competitive gambling blood in their veins and no other intentions other than have some fun and play around. While that part of Empire Avenue is quite entertaining, I don’t want to get into this part with this article. It is much more my intention to raise some interest for Empire Avenue with the big brands.

I signed up for Empire Avenue eight month ago and I have discovered incredible opportunity for social media campaigns for everyone. Brands, products, services, individuals, small business, big business and whatever and whoever else you want to promote, introduce, sell or otherwise market. Plus, you can expand, engage your audience and measure your success.

Before and while I was writing this, I have poked my fellow players what they believe what they are using. Seeing the results made me wonder if I am the first one who saw what this platform could do for a brand, or a brand/company that wants to sell stuff. Almost all of the responders were commenting on the “social stock market” and didn’t even mention the business part of the site.  It seems everyone on Empire Avenue is busy to reach the top of the stock market rankings and nothing else is important. Well, if you are on for the fun of it, all the statements had some meat to it. For those that are on for business purposes, and some big brands are, they seem to be blindfolded by the game part and don’t see the forest because of the trees.

In the recent past, Facebook’s IPO has delivered a lot of material for discussion about social media and its use. While the IPO itself was a disaster for many reasons, it has also spurred the discussion about monetization, ROI of social media campaigns and much other. While there is a lot of smart advice available on how you can do better business and have a more successful social media campaign, the bottom line question is still, how many people can I get to buy my service, product or promote my brand? Everything else is beating around the bush, playing around and reminds one on the times of the Internet bubble over a decade ago.

That you have 1,000,000 people that like your page might look good, but that is not going to do anything for you other than just that, looking good. It is like having a nice brick and mortar store, but nobody goes in and buys stuff. If that is not clear enough, if you fail to engage all these people that like your page or follow you, you are wasting business opportunities in the hundred million dollar range.

Here is an example how that looks like in social media terms: Whole Foods Market, is one of the companies that are very often mentioned as a company having a good social media presence. Whole Foods has about 940,000 likes on its Facebook page. One would say that is quite a good number. Well, it is. However, there is another number and that number is much more important to determine on how good you are: People talking about this! That number at the time I was looking at it was roughly 21,000. In other words, only about 2.2% of all the likes are really talking about Whole Foods or doing something on the page. One thing is for sure, with such a number of people that “like” Whole Foods, the number of “talking about” should be much better.

Here is the point where Empire Avenue could help Whole Foods. Empire Avenue can help to engage more people, let more people share Whole Food’s posts and offerings and increase “people talking about this” by 10-fold or even more. If you call your status quo “good”, imagine what 10-fold does. You will start seeing results.

Here is another example of a company that is known to run the best social media program in the financial industry: American Express. The company has 2,400,000 likes and at the time I was looking at it had 7,400 “people talking about this”, or only 0.31%. On American Express Open, the company has 246,000 likes and 638 people talking about this, or 0.26%. There is for sure a lot of ground to make up.

In fairness to the two companies, they are doing a good job in social media and marketing in general. And, many other big brands and companies I have checked out are doing not much better.

Empire Avenue is about 3 things:

  • Expand: Empire Avenue will help you to expand your network.
  • Engage: Empire Avenue will help you to engage your potential customers and clients (people talking about this) and let people help you to market your brand or product.
  • Evaluate: Will help you to figure out how good you are doing in your social media efforts.

No doubt, Empire Avenue will deliver you more people, direct and indirect. There is also another very important thing to understand. Empire Avenue is not a competitor to Facebook, Twitter, your website, blog or any other Internet and social media platform. Empire Avenue supports your efforts on these platforms. As the company slogan says: Empire Avenue is the Social Media Rocket Fuel you have been looking for. In my opinion, if you want to maximize your social media campaign, you must use Empire Avenue. The text box below shows you were your activity will increase. If you are messing around in social media, you cannot afford to ignore these improvements. By how much they will improve depends on you and how serious you are with your social media efforts.

This textbox will show you the increased activity with Empire Avenue




More retweets

More followers

Reach beyond network

Increased engagement


More likes

More Sharing

Reach beyond network

Increased engagement


More +1’s

More sharing

Reach beyond network

Increased engagement


More repins

More followers

Reach beyond network

Increased engagement

You Tube

More views

More sharing and more subscribers

Reach beyond network

Increased engagement

Empire Avenue has also partnerships with LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, Instagram, Foursquare and Flickr. Outside of these partnerships it is possible to promote, include and measure more social networks and sites.

Empire Avenue can be used by companies of all sizes and industries. Empire Avenue is free. You can check it out here. If you have questions and need more details, please contact or leave a comment below. Don’t worry, I will not charge you for answering a few questions.

The writer is NOT affiliated with Empire Avenue!


35 responses to “Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue – Social Media Rocket Fuel

  1. Reblogged this on Tisel Milan Vukovic and commented:
    Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue

  2. All that you say about what EA can do for major brands seems to me to be even an order of magnitude more true for smaller brands. Although I appreciate the lack of targeting that is a problem with EA, the ability to rise above the noise with a relatively small investment should have huge impact in the SMB space. Lots of folks are sleeping out there!

  3. Valued Merchant Services

    Thanks, I have had an incredibly positive experience with EAv so far!

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  6. Abhijit Pradhan

    Very well made points – and I totally resonate with them – in the 3 months that I have been on the Ave, I have loved it because it has made me see Social Media from a much bigger picture point of view – and that has been really enlightening, empowering and exciting for me. I am an Executive Coach who will soon be a first time author, and my joining the avenue has been most timely as I am re-thinking and re-looking at how I want to connect with my content experiencers when I Iaunch the book !

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  9. Reblogged this on ten Hagen's Blog and commented:
    Totally agree with Vitus!

  10. Hi Vitus,

    Many great points. My time on Empire Avenue just hit the 5 month mark and I have experienced many of this things you mention. I realized early on that while it’s fun to play the game, it’s important to also engage, connect and communicate, which I work hard to do on a daily basis.

    Why is Empire Avenue not better known in the Social Media Universe? I think it’s a lot better known than we might all think.

    Why are more people not joining Empire Avenue to promote their brands and achieve better overall engagement? In my opinion, companies and brands become overwhelmed by the vast number of channels and trying to figure out how to participate appropriately. I also think that in general people who are interested and participate in social media are starting to suffer from a type of burnout from too many choices and too much time commitment. As a rule I believe most people pick a few channels that they easily handle and focus on those.

    Empire Avenue, while it has tremendous potential, is not a channel you can pop into and out of. It requires time, attention and commitment in order to really make good connections. At least that has been my experience. I took me a few weeks to get my EA legs and figure out the best way to engage effectively and appropriately.

    Yes, EA can help with your other channels, but it is a new level of social media commitment. I’m just not sure a lot of companies and brands are willing to take that step. At least not now. Maybe someday they will and that will be a good thing. Thanks for a great blog. Very insightful. ~Karen

  11. There is a ton of potential to leverage EAv, but there has to be better oversight of a few things and certainly some improvements to the UI to make it more streamlined to use efficiently. The concept is amazing and many of us have seen what can be done with it when used properly.

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  14. Could not have said it better myself. We all need to be explaining and promoting Empire Avenue daily in the way you have here then we will create massive momentum for ourselves

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  16. great article Vitus and yeap would agree with all the comments Eav is the best place for anyone to go from small to big, it have revolutionized my business in less than 2 months

  17. I completely agree with you Victor. EA is an incredibly marketing engine if you know how to harness it to drive action. It’s full of people with incredibly built out networks, eager to help you get your message out there.

  18. Excellent article! Empire Avenue is one of the best social media tools I’ve come across, if not the best. The three points made in the article; Expand, Engage and Evaluate sum it up beautifully. I would add, Empire Avenue is also entertaining and fun!

  19. I agree, Empire Avenue is a great tool to expand your network, and drive traffic. Should be used by all who do any business online.

  20. The FB IPO was not a disaster in fact it was a master Crafted success. let tick a few of these boxes

    Tick it was listed near the top of the market
    Tick it offloaded billions of shares to mum and dad investors
    Tick the people an organizations who brought into FB in establishment made a absolute killing on IPO day
    TICK they will buy again when it bottoms in 2016

    So where was the disaster – oh that’s right the mum and dad investors who did not know –

    Truly if I was going to do an IPO I would do it at the top of the market to get best price (anther tick)

    YES FB IPO was a wonderful example of execution of risk passed onto others

    • No doubt, it offloaded shares and stuffed a few pockets. So, some individuals and Morgan Stanley, Goldman and a few others made good with it. The damage for the brand is what I am referring to and that one is unreached with just an IPO. But I get your point, Barry. Good one.

  21. Great article. Especially the part about engagement being the key metric. So true. The numbers of likes doesn’t matter as much as the number of social interactions.

  22. Empire Ave has the potential to be utilized in many business ventures for start-up money directing missions to a kick-starter campaign, we saw this recently with a film development deal, and for uses to help non-profits increase their presence in the market place with missions about themselves as told through Youtube videos. There really is no end to the possibilities of missions and the creative nature that they can be used. Helping a small business launch their Facebook Brand page has been used for missions, and very successfully in less than hour someone can receive the needed likes to secure the naming rights to the page.

    I do believe we will see more such missions, as Empire Ave matures and marketers realize the potential. Nokia has stepped in and done some amazing engagement.

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