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The 20 Most Expensive Houses In The World – Infographic

This infographic seemed entertaining upon first glance. Although it sucks to look at things we may never have, it’s fun to imagine for awhile. I aspire to own a home sometime in the near future, it’s a great accomplishment to own property and be able to call it yours. But let’s be honest, I just don’t see myself accruing several hundred million dollars to spend on just a house. I know I will be happy with a decent sized home so long as it accommodates my lifestyle.

Many of these houses do not have current owners listed on the infographic, so it’s time to whip out the big bucks and make a bid. Or maybe there are owners, but they wish to keep their overly lavish identity a secret. It’s probably best to keep your identity anonymous when you own one of these houses; I can’t help but feel upset that somebody could have that much more money than me. Are these people really that much better at what they do than me? In the end, the lesson is to be happy with what you have. By the time you read this, I will be in the middle of nowhere (Planet Bonnaroo) with just a tent, but there’s no doubt I’ll be having the time of my life.

Which house is your favorite? Let us know! [Via]

Source: Daily Infographic


Sitting Down Will Kill You – Infographic

Today’s infographic from greenerideal.com details the potential harms in spending too much of your day sitting down. Other than the obvious (more time sitting = less time for exercise = gaining weight) sitting for prolonged periods can not only increase your risk for diabetes, but for heart disease as well.

On the positive side, if you are required to sit at your job, or say in a class, it is better to sit at a more reclined angle rather than straight up or hunched over. Also, just remember to try and be as active as you can for the environment that you’re in.

For more information on sitting vs. standing please refer to the infographic above. [Via].


41% of Kickstarter Projects Fail – Infographic

Kickstarter is an innovative platform that helps entrepreneurs get funding needed for product development, but according to a new infographic, almost half of Kickstarter projects fail.

The infographic, created by AppsBlogger.com, looked at a total of 45,815 Kickstarter projects and nearly $215 million pledged funds. It shows that the secret to having a successful Kickstarter project is setting a realistic monetary goal and dedicating the right amount of campaigning days to spend on the site.

Shorter Kickstarter campaigns tend to better, with the average successful project lasting 38 days, compared to failed projects which averaged 43 days. Meanwhile, successful projects typically average $5,487 compared to failed projects which, on average, ask for $16,365…Read More

Source: Mashable.com, AppsBlogger.com, Kickstarter