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The Presidential Race On Facebook – Infographic

The U.S. presidential election is heating up, and President Barack Obama is winning by a landslide — on Facebook.

According to a study from social media analytics provider SocialBakers, the Commander in Chief had a dominating lead in May over Republican contender Mitt Romney, in terms of social media fan engagement.

In the left corner of the ring, Obama threw a straight punch with nearly five times as many people “talking about” him as Romney. The president also gained four and a half times as many new fans as his challenger.

Meanwhile, Obama’s viral reach — a metric equal to the total number of “likes” and comments, multiplied by the average number of friends (140) per user — exceeds his opponent’s by almost 25 percent, SocialBakers said.

Obama is a friend of social media, for sure. In the past year, he joined Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, participated in a live Google+ hangout session, and tweeted a link to his campaign’s Spotify playlist.

“The Obama vs. Romney data raises strong questions about whether Obama’s superior social presence could be an indication of how Americans will vote this fall,” SocialBakers said in a statement…Read More

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In My Opinion – How Big Brands Create Social Media Campaigns, General Motors’ $30 Million Facebook Campaign

How Big Brands Create Social Media Campaigns – Mashable.com 06/18/2012

Blablabla….Usual talk of those that need to justify their jobs…Conclusion according to “The Awareness Social Marketing Hub” on Mashable.com:

In sum, it’s clear that there’s no consensus on how to run a social media campaign. That and the flood of would-be experts in social media make the process needlessly complicated. For all the trouble, though, there’s still not nearly as much money in social media as there is in traditional TV. For instance, General Motors‘ entire budget for Facebook marketing is now $30 million — about 7% of its overall $4.3 billion ad spend.

Despite the hassles, the lure of social media is strong, and a marketer in 2012 has no choice but to embrace it. “This is an always-on conversation,” the Coke rep says. “We continue to track results to this day and have no plans to stop.”

Whether there is a flood of self proclaimed social media experts or not, the big brands seem clearly not to be the big experts, including their consultants. Reading about GM’s “Facebook Campaign” for $30 Million and looking at the Facebook page, one has to wonder where that money actually goes to. This is absolutely ridiculous in the truest sense of the word. As I write this, less than 1% of the “General Motor Likers” are actually engaged somehow on the page.

I might not be recognized as a “social media expert” by the big brands, but my claim is, if you give me a $30 Million budget, I will make sure the world knows about you on Facebook. Plus, a good number of people will actually buy a car from you. Isn’t that what you are really looking for?

My tip to the “real experts” and the big brands: Better have a listen what the “would-be experts” have to say. You might just get what you are looking for, and save a few millions.

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Social Stock Market


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Finally, I am back on track and earning dividends as a rate that is on pace…

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Confluence Media

What is a good neutralizer for anger? Peace you would say. It’s not only peace, but a combination of truthpeace and love, in equal amounts. Truth and peace are the two inner states, which never ever leave us. Both remain permanently within each one of us. We already know, inside our subconscious and sometimes even consciously, the truth about anger and we can call our inner peace whenever we want – it’s there to be used. But what happens in real life situations is that we lose awareness of what is true i.e. the truth that anger is harmful and the truth of ‘who I am’. And we also forget the practice of peacefulness because some negative situation or experience temporarily blocks our access to the peace of our heart.

Peace is also deeply connected with love and we all have experienced many a times that it…

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