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Social TV Highlights 2011-2012 – Infographic

With the 2011-2012 TV season behind us, networks are not only looking into ratings to gauge success, they’re also diving into social TV statistics. Which series reigned supreme with the social media-wielding viewers?

Fox generated the most comments on Facebook and Twitter from September to May for primetime series programming and all series programming, with American Idol, Glee and The X Factor leading the charge online.

“Fox is clearly a leader in social TV,” Bluefin spokeswoman April Conyers told Mashable. “But it’s also interesting to note that when you expand beyond series-only to include sports and special events, CBS jumps to the top.”

CBS ranked number one when accessing all show types and non-primetime/primetime data, propelled by the Grammy Awards, March Madness and NFL broadcasts.

What were the shows doing to attract comments? NBC’s The Voice, for example, employed an impressive social media blitz, using more than 160 social profiles for judges, contestants and show personalities, including one for judge Cee Lo Green’s cat, Purrfect. The Voice also introduced voting via a slick Facebook Timeline app.

The result for The Voice season two: 145 worldwide Twitter trending topics, 13% rise for online’s vote share and 38% jump in votes per unique user, NBC told Mashable.

The infographic below from Bluefin Labs details the most social days, moments, premieres, finales, series, broadcast networks and cable networks.

“This was the first full TV season with social TV measurement, so this data serves as a benchmark for future seasons,” Conyers says. “People will be interested in tracking the growth and adoption of social TV. Having this season’s data all in one place is a useful reference.”

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