Are Women More Attracted To Jerks? – Infographic

There’s a saying that many of you are probably familiar with: Nice guys finish last. It’s a sad statement if it’s true, but not everyone believes it. However, a recent study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that the converse is actually biologically sound — women are sometimes more attracted to schmucks. We took that finding to the public, and asked if it was true. Are women really more attracted to jerks? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Source: Soda Head


4 responses to “Are Women More Attracted To Jerks? – Infographic

  1. Of course most are…they think they can fix the jerk; then they get surprised that he is jerk!

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    • This has always made me laugh. Most often we pick a partner we have a lot in common with. So, if you think women only like jerks…you might want to do some soul, my honest opinion is that most women get turned on by a bad boy type. They might pick them as sex partners but most decent women would chose to be in a relationship with a decent man not a jerk.

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