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College Students Are In A Relationship With Their Smartphones – Infographic

College students aren’t just concerned with getting good grades and finding the best parties. More than ever, they’re using their smartphones to navigate life on campus.

On the bus, waiting in line, in bed, on the treadmill and even while driving, college students can’t seem to put their phones down. Fifty-two percent say they often check their phones before getting out of bed in the morning, according to one study. Nearly half do so while in bed at night before they fall asleep.

Thirty-five percent say they sometimes use their phones while driving but stopped at a red light, and nearly 20% say they sometimes use them while the wheels are even moving. But it’s not all addiction and danger. Forty-five percent of college students say smartphones frequently help with school assignments, and 46% say they’re often helpful for work-related tasks.

The Internet education portal OnlineColleges pulled this data and more from sources including the Pew Internet & American Life Project, University of Colorado and Nielsen to produce this infographic.

Among other notable findings: More colleges students use iPhones than any other device, email has nearly caught text messaging as the most popular use for smartphones among college students and nearly half of students use their phones to check the weather.

Source: Mashable.com, Online Colleges


Texting and Driving: A Crash Course – Infographic

Texting and driving a car at the same time is a dangerous and irresponsible combination — but people do it anyway. A series of sparse, haunting public service ads from AT&T provides a spooky reminder that even sending or receiving short messages can lead to death or lifelong crippling injury.

The numbers back this up, too. Results vary, but some studies have found that upwards of 20% of all car accidents involve cellphone use of some kind. That can total more than a million collisions per year that might have been avoided without cellphones involved.

A government report from 2009, meanwhile, found that texting makes a car crash a whopping 23 times more likely than if drivers were simply focused on the road.

Other studies have reported equally disturbing results, but states are fighting back by passing laws that prohibit talking and texting on cellphones while behind the wheel. Still, laws can only go so far and people continue to text and drive.

The Internet education portal OnlineSchools.com recently rounded up findings and reports from sources including the The Washington Post, the Governors Highway Safety Association, Virginia Tech University and others to produce this infographic. Check it out for a rundown on how much people text and drive, and let us know in the comments — why do you think people continue doing something that clearly puts their own lives and those of others at serious risk?

Source: Mashable.com, OnlineSchools.com

Toto – Rosanna

Charlie Dore – Pilot Of The Airwaves

The Pointer Sisters – He’s So Shy

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

Belinda Carlisle – Heaven Is A Place On Earth

David Bowie, Mick Jaegger – Dancing In The Street

Twisted Sisters – We’re Not Gonna take It


Gender Marketing: Consumer Differences Between The Sexes – Infographic

Even in today’s web-driven shopping environment, the old adage that women love shopping more than men still applies. Both online and off, women consistently make more buying decisions and generally value the shopping experience more than their male partners. Smart marketers know they must tailor their messages to their target customers, so today we explore the different male and female consumer trends and how some companies are taking advantage of them.

Source: Infographics Archive, G+


Blogging Is Like Sex? – Infographic

Blogging is like sex. Little painful at first. But you get used to it, and then you even start to enjoy it.

Most fascinating piece of information provided in the Infographic (made by GenYMedium) is the number of blogs on the Interwebs. Also, there’s some great info on the frequency with which readers consume blog content, as well as traffic stats, which to a business means lead generation potential.

Source: GenYMedium, Business2Community


Quick Start Guide For Social Marketing On The Big 3 – Infographic

5 Killer Strategies To Dominate The Big 3 – Facebook, Twitter and You Tube!

This serves as a best practice guide for marketers. We examine each platform and share five strategies marketers can apply to guarantee success for increasing brand awareness, fostering brand advocacy and generating leads and sales. Use this infographic as a quick-start guide for social marketing on the Big 3!

Source: Social Nomics

Image Image

Moms Are The Biggest Brand Boosters – Infographic

Moms lead the pack when comes to liking brands on Facebook, according to a recent survey by Burst media. Fifty eight percent of moms follow or like brands on social media sites.

The survey showed that moms are the group of consumers most likely to follow their favorite brands on social media. It also found that 2 in 3 readers learn about brands via “likes” from blogs, with moms and 18-34-year-olds particularly influenced by brand mentions. Sixty-six percent of blog readers answered that a promotion by a blogger influences their purchase decisions online.

The survey, provided by Burst Media, uncovered some other interesting stats: 49% of respondents are loyal to brands online and occasionally “like” or follow a brand on social media sites. The most common reason people gave for “liking” their favorite brands online? — “To show support for it.”

The survey was conducted in May and released on Friday. Burst interviewed 1,453 U.S. adults aged 18 or older and found that three-quarters (76.3%) of respondents visit social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, with women being more active than men. Forty nine percent of female respondents visit social media sites at least a few times each day, versus only one-third (34.0%) of men.

“For some audience segments, such as moms, social media is a constant presence in daily life,” Mark Kaefer, marketing director, Burst Media said in a press statement. “Given this close relationship between consumers and their online communities, our study also found many opportunities for both online advertisers and web publishers to inject social vehicles into their efforts to drive user engagement.”

Source: Mashable.com, Photo courtesy of iStockphoto, deanm1974, Burst Media