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Social Media Checklist For Business – Infographic

If you find yourself stumped at the prospect of using social media marketing to promote your business, our simple guide can help. Follow these easy suggestions to create a consistent social media internet marketing presence on multiple channels.

Source: The Whole Brain Group

Advice: Creating a Capsule Work Wardrobe

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A few days ago I got an email from Feli who lives in Berlin and is about to start a new job at a design company. She wanted some advice on how to build a work wear wardrobe from scratch and on a limited budget. I decided to post my reply here on my blog, because I thought some of you guys might be in the same situation.

This is what Feli wrote me:
Hey Anuschka, I recently graduated from university and just got a full-time job at a design company, which I will start next month. At my interview I saw that everyone there dressed in a smart-casual kind of way, heels, blazers, etc. In my everyday life I dress a lot more casual, I like my Doc Martens and Converse, so I am kinda anxious about what to wear for work. I just read your post on quality versus quantity…

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Tweet Of The Day!


Facebook Q2 Earnings – Infographic

This infographic sums up everything you need to know about Facebook’s first earnings report as a public company.

Source: Statista