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Want To Be Batman? Here Is What It Will Cost You – Infographic

With the possible exception of Tony Stark, Batman is probably one of the more wealthier superheroes in comic book world. With Wayne Manor costing $600,000,000 alone, along with the insurmountable costs of being the masked crusader, the costs are going to be huge.

Of course, this opportunity has been given to Bruce by being born into the Wayne family, reaping all the fortunes of Wayne Enterprises. But the question still stands: how much does it cost to be Batman? Money Supermarket has been looking into it. Take a look for yourself.

Source: New Rising Media, Money Supermarket


Beautiful People – Dragana Simic

Facebook – Dragana Simic


iPhone + Talk Radio = Liberal – Infographic

Do you use your smartphone to listen to political talk radio? Then you’re more likely to be a liberal than a conservative, according to a new study.

Internet radio smartphone app Stitcher sampled 5 million hours during a six-week period to determine the political leanings of its users, 70% of whom consume news and politics content. It found that users tuning into political content are much more likely to be listening to liberal commentators — especially if they’re using an iPhone. About 62% of iPhone listeners and 55% of Android users favored Liberal content.

The study also found that people streaming radio with their mobile device are twice as likely as terrestial radio users to listen to international content, which makes sense, as there aren’t many FM or AM stations relaying broadcasts from overseas. Android owners are the most global of online radio listeners, tuning in to international news 25% of the time they’re listening to streaming content.

The state from where a listener is tuning in can also predict the content to which they’re listening: Users in Obama-leaning states are more likely to listen to stories about the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare and unemployment, while users in Romney-leaning states are choosing news about immigration reform and Julian Assange.

Source: Mashable.com, Thumbnail image courtesy of iStockphoto, dja65, Stitcher

Gisele Bundchen in summer photoshoot