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How Dictation Software Can Improve Your Workflow And Retirement Savings – Infographic

We all know the pen is mightier than the sword, but for 21st-century storytellers, the voice could be the one tool to rule them all. With speech-recognition software such as Siri and Dragon Naturally Speaking becoming more widely available to users, it’s time to ask yourself: How can I improve my workflow with dictation tools?

A new infographic from Carissa Newark of accountingdegree.net lays out just how much faster you can get work done with these tools, which can process information three times faster when compared to average-speed typing. It’s a great advantage for writers, especially those of us who may never type as fast as record holder Sean Wrona, who recently clocked a key-smacking velocity of 256 wpm at the Ultimate Typing Championship.

For now, dictation tools top out at a speed that’s about as fast as most of us can talk, but imagine if these tools could actually keep up with some of the world’s greatest speed-speakers? Guinness World record holder Steve Woodmore would need just over three hours to complete a 120,000 word novel using dictation tools that could keep up with him and his 637 wpm speed, or just over 10 words per second. We lowly plebes here at Mashable are probably closer to the average speaker at two words per second.

Source: Mashable.com, accountingdegree.net


Social Media And The Fashion Retailers – Infographic

Shopping is an incredibly interactive experience with many elements that can sway our decision making, from the visual sharing of photos to the opinions and recommendations that our friends and family give.

These activities lend themselves so well to the world of social media, think about how you can “like” products on Facebook, leave comments on pictures, share details of new purchases and pin clothes and accessories that you want to a Pinterest board. Fashion retailers know the benefits of being an active part of this ever-social, online world.

The issue that has become apparent though, is that many retailers try too hard to promote their brand through their own channels and come across as the pushy shop assistant, but that’s not what social media is about. Nielsen research tell us that “92% of consumers around the world now trust earned media such as word of mouth recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising”.

Social media works in the same way, people do not always listen to a brand’s own Facebook page, this is why it is important to earn the respect of your community and transform individuals into brand advocates that will promote your products and offer their own recommendations. Seeing a friend like a brand or product online may give you extra confidence in your purchase decision.

Three retailers that have seen noticeable benefits through social media are Burberry, Lorna Jane and Victoria’s Secret. Burberry saw profits increase 21% after actively participating in social media. Lorna Jane’s online revenue grew 400% after their Facebook page began to drive as much traffic as two offline retail stores. Victoria’s Secret uses custom designed tabs in order to share the different elements of the brand story and as a result have grown a 19 million strong Facebook fan base.

So what exactly is the benefit of being “liked” on Facebook? Well, research shows that Facebookers are 51% more likely to make a purchase after becoming a fan and Facebook fans spend on average 117% more in store than those who are not part of your fan base.

Source: Sticki Digital Media,


Social Commerce IQ: Fashion – Infographic

F-commerce solution provider, 8thBridge has just published its latest in its series of social commerce reports covering different industry verticals (free download). This time, it’s the fashion industry, and the 104 page report is a careful analysis of the sector and includes a ranking of the top 200 fashion brands in terms of their ‘Social Commerce IQ’ (how smart these brands are in fusing social and sales technology). Top line; Shoe Dazzle dazzles and Manolo Blahnik sucks (last FB status update – March 2008).

Our top three take-outs…Read More

Source: Social Commerce Today, 8th Bridge,


The New Wave Of Wearable Tech – Infographic

Gadgets continue to shrink in size and adapt to free up our hands, making it more convenient than ever for users to multitask.

Taking it a step further, techie fashionistas are beginning to embrace a new wave of wearable gadgets — from the Pebble watch to Google’s sci-fi glasses. It seems like the spyware we used to see in the movies is actually coming to life.

This infographic, provided by Visual.ly and VoucherCodes.co.uk, takes a look at the most up-and-coming wearable technology. Some of these products have already hit the market, and others are projected to in the near future.

Source: Mashable.com, Visual.ly, VoucherCodes.co.uk