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Standard Shares Drop; Subpoenas Approved

Bar Refaeli: The Hottest Woman On Earth! – Video

Not on Facebook? Employers, Psychiatrists May Think You’re a Psychopath

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Amazon Announces Ebooks Now Outsell Print Books in UK

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Florida Student Punished for Making Online Course Selection Easier

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AT&T Launching Shared Data Plans August 23

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This stylish rocking chair uses your movement to charge your gadgets

This story was originally published in Hebrew on Newsgeek.co.il. At the end of each year, Israel’s Shenkar College organizes an exhibition showcasing the final projects of that year’s graduates from the different departments of the college. Newsgeek makes a habit of attending these events, and every year we choose the most interesting technology related projects, where the students have displayed an innovative design or breakthrough. Take for example the Ortarky Chair, a stylish rocking chair that generates electricity as you use it. Electricity-generating furniture Like many other countries around the world, extreme weather can create a shortage of energy, and in the past few years the Israeli summer has challenged the Israeli national electric company’s ability to keep up with demand. Just a few years ago, talk about a day when the amount of electricity produced would not meet the demands was considered theoretical, but this summer we have already faced selective power outages on extremely…

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Amazon Launches Textbook Rental Service

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Manchester City partners with Viagogo to help season ticket holders sell football tickets for a profit

Hot on the heels of Manchester City’s dramatic last-gasp title win back in May, the UK football club has announced some interesting ticket news. Starting from this coming season, Manchester City season ticket holders will be able to resell tickets for matches they can’t attend, thanks to a partnership with online ticket exchange service Viagogo. This follows on from existing partnerships with football clubs such as Chelsea, Aston Villa and Bayern Munich, as well as Rolland-Garros tennis (French Open). As Manchester City’s official Ticket Exchange Partner, this new link-up means that Superbia and Platinum members will be able to (legally) shift tickets for games that they can’t attend, for a profit. On the one hand, the service will help members that have spent their hard-earned money on a seasoncard to recoup the cost and ensure that they’re not left out of pocket, but at a time when many fans are already being…

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The FBI Finally Abandons Paper, Goes All-Digital

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s agents have finally made the leap into the future, upgrading from paper files to a digital case management system at a cost of more than $600 million. Sentinel, the agency’s all-digital system, features a web browser-style user interface that allows agents to enter and review information about cases or suspects. Agents can do quick searches to see if one of their cases has any similarities to other cases, an improvement which should speed up investigations. Additionally, agents can electronically sign documents using an identification badge reader. Certain elements of Sentinel have been in use by FBI agents f… Continue reading… More About: FBI, Newsy, US, government, trending

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Apple Store employee doesn’t have to be a genius to call the cops, rescues kidnap victim

If you thought those recent Genius ads were hokey, perhaps consider how helpful Apple Store employees can be. This past Saturday night a woman in Louisville, KY was allegedly kidnapped by 32-year-old Victor A. Sarver, Jr. and forced at gunpoint to purchase numerous phones at her expense. Upon arriving at an Apple Store, however, she was able to notify an Apple Store employee to her plight. The employee discreetly alerted the authorities, and Sarver, aka “Greg” (the name he used online to lure the woman to divulge her info) was arrested by the authorities. According to WDRB, Sarver’s arrest report notes his changing story, sworn testimony from the Apple Store employee and pictures of conversations between the victim and “Greg.” Looks like those Mac Genius ads weren’t lying — Apple Store employees are quite helpful in a pinch. Techies on Twitter seem to agree.

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Amazon Launches Game Studio, Gives Zynga Competition

Amazon is entering the social gaming market with the debut of its new department, Amazon Game Studios. In a blog post, the ecommerce retailer says the studio will be developing “innovative… More About: Facebook, Zynga, amazon, social games, social gaming, trending

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DIY app creation platform AppsBuilder gets a refresh, now available in 7 languages

DIY app creation platform AppsBuilder just released a new, global version of its site, the Italian company announced today. While similar services have mushroomed over the last months, these new UX and UI could help it leapfrog its competitors. As part of its new version, the site is now available in five additional languages: French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, complementing Italian and English. The Dutch version even takes things one step further, as AppsBuilder has partnered with a local partner to launch apps-builder.nl, which will offer local support in Dutch. In the future, the startup hopes to replicate this model to offer improved customer care to its international users. Languages aside, the main changes to AppsBuilder are visual; according to its CEO Daniele Pelleri, his team “completely revised the UX and UI backend.” Here are a couple of screenshots of its new interface: Among additional layouts and other changes, the new version of its…

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Take a Look at Andy Warhol Cookbook Illustrations From 1961

Image courtesy of Crossett Library Click here to view this gallery. Famed pop art icon Andy Warhol is perhaps best remembered for soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, but before the eccentric artist gained fame for his paintings, he worked as an commercial illustrator. To celebrate what would have been Warhol’s 84th birthday on August 6th, we looked back at some of his earliest work, published in a 1961 cookbook. The recipe tome, Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cook Book, predates Warhol’s first solo pop art exhibition in New York City. The illustrations include simple sketches of meat cuts, decorative lemon slices and buffet party layout options. A Ribbon Tea Sandwich salute to you, Mr. Warhol. More About: Watercooler, art

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Twitter withholds information from the NYPD after troll threatens Aurora copycat murder

An anonymous Twitter user has been tweeting death threats on the platform since May, and now after a series of warnings, including an Aurora-style massacre, NY Mag reports that Twitter has decided to withhold information from the NYPD to protect the user’s privacy. @shannamartella like i said you on my hit list too. This shit ain’t no joke yo I’m serious people are gonna die just like in aurora — Anonymous Celebrity (@obamasmistress) August 2, 2012 Twitter has to tread extremely carefully on this one, as it has recently received criticism for over-policing its platform. The user, “Anonymous Celebrity,” has made a number of direct death threats at celebrities and threatened to shoot up a theater in NY. According to the Post and NY Mag, “The NYPD was denied in its initial request for information, but is coming back today with a subpoena.” Twitter explained its decision to withold information about…

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