Take a Look at Andy Warhol Cookbook Illustrations From 1961

Image courtesy of Crossett Library Click here to view this gallery. Famed pop art icon Andy Warhol is perhaps best remembered for soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, but before the eccentric artist gained fame for his paintings, he worked as an commercial illustrator. To celebrate what would have been Warhol’s 84th birthday on August 6th, we looked back at some of his earliest work, published in a 1961 cookbook. The recipe tome, Amy Vanderbilt’s Complete Cook Book, predates Warhol’s first solo pop art exhibition in New York City. The illustrations include simple sketches of meat cuts, decorative lemon slices and buffet party layout options. A Ribbon Tea Sandwich salute to you, Mr. Warhol. More About: Watercooler, art

Original: Mashable!

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