This stylish rocking chair uses your movement to charge your gadgets

This story was originally published in Hebrew on At the end of each year, Israel’s Shenkar College organizes an exhibition showcasing the final projects of that year’s graduates from the different departments of the college. Newsgeek makes a habit of attending these events, and every year we choose the most interesting technology related projects, where the students have displayed an innovative design or breakthrough. Take for example the Ortarky Chair, a stylish rocking chair that generates electricity as you use it. Electricity-generating furniture Like many other countries around the world, extreme weather can create a shortage of energy, and in the past few years the Israeli summer has challenged the Israeli national electric company’s ability to keep up with demand. Just a few years ago, talk about a day when the amount of electricity produced would not meet the demands was considered theoretical, but this summer we have already faced selective power outages on extremely…

Credit: The Next Web

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