Twitter withholds information from the NYPD after troll threatens Aurora copycat murder

An anonymous Twitter user has been tweeting death threats on the platform since May, and now after a series of warnings, including an Aurora-style massacre, NY Mag reports that Twitter has decided to withhold information from the NYPD to protect the user’s privacy. @shannamartella like i said you on my hit list too. This shit ain’t no joke yo I’m serious people are gonna die just like in aurora — Anonymous Celebrity (@obamasmistress) August 2, 2012 Twitter has to tread extremely carefully on this one, as it has recently received criticism for over-policing its platform. The user, “Anonymous Celebrity,” has made a number of direct death threats at celebrities and threatened to shoot up a theater in NY. According to the Post and NY Mag, “The NYPD was denied in its initial request for information, but is coming back today with a subpoena.” Twitter explained its decision to withold information about…

Original: The Next Web

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