How Social Media Users Share And Use Online Music – Infographic

Music is a big part of everyone’s life, with 45% of people listening to 10 or more hours of music each week, according to a recent study by Market Research. And social music players like Pandora and Spotify are ruling the airwaves.

Not so surprisingly though, people enjoy using music streamers, but not paying for the premium versions of those players. Only 20% will cash in to hear some tunes, and 60% of listeners are downloading only the free version of songs.

Source:, Lab42

2 responses to “How Social Media Users Share And Use Online Music – Infographic

  1. Abhijit Pradhan

    Reblogged this on whatblewmymindtoday and commented:
    Great perspective on today’s music listener !

  2. Abhijit Pradhan

    Very interesting for me as more than a decade ago, I worked in one of today’s global music majors – and this chart would have bewildered people back then ( maybe still is ! 🙂 ) What hit me was that 45 % ( almost half) listened to music for 10 hours or so in a week. That sounds like wow – and is that number growing or slowing down – would love to know that trend in the last decade ! Thanks for this one 🙂

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