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Marketing: Lead Nurturing vs E-Mail Marketing – Infographic

According to Sirius Decision, the adoption of Marketing Automation technology is expected to increase to 50% by 2015. However, my experience tells me that while more and more companies adopt marketing automation, they are not able to use the tool to its fullest potential because of a lack of expertise, methodology, or basic understanding of the tool. Many do not understand the potential it has when used correctly and settle for basic email marketing – missing out on the great opportunity of increasing conversion rates and Marketing ROI.

I even hear confusion such as: “Isn’t lead nurturing just a fancy term for email marketing?” or “It’s all the same.” This is why we have created the Email Marketing vs. Lead Nurturing Infographic. It provides a quick overview of the differences between each helping marketers realize that they can have a greater impact!

Source: Marketstar.com


Social Media, Marketing: Make Pinterest Work For You And Your Business – Infographic

Pinterest, an online image pinboard that’s popular for allowing you to organize web images you find inspiring, may be one of the most talked-about social startups of the past six months. The question: Can Pinterest make your professional life a bit easier, or is it another way to waste your time online?

Noland Hoshino, a graduate of the University of Phoenix MBA program and co-founder of digital and social-good marketing company [B]cause Media, mapped out how Pinterest can (1) help you show off your professional skills through a visual resumé, (2) allow you to collaborate by inviting others to post to your board and (3) build your company by showcasing its products and services.

Source: University of Phoenix


Business And Marketing: Major Boost For Retailers And E-Commerce, Tablets – Infographic

It’s a well-known fact in the world of mobile technology that tablet users are taking the world by storm. A relatively recent introduction to the growing pool of interesting gadgets, tablets have taken off in the past two years, and this trend is only expected to continue.

Though the essential tablet computer has a long and checkered past, with Microsoft attempting to break it into the mainstream in the late ‘90s, all efforts to make a functional and widely accessible tablet failed until Apple released the revolutionary iPad in 2010. Microsoft’s initial attempt at creating a flat screen, portable notetaking device failed for various reasons – too heavy, difficult software, limited platform – but when Apple got it right, the iPad started appearing in households, coffee shops, board rooms and subways everywhere.

Now consumers have hundreds of tablets to choose from and with the recent additions of Amazon Kindle Fire, Microsoft Surface and Google’s Nexus 7, popularity and usage will continue to grow.

Source: Miva Merchant

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