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Five Ways To Build Powerful Listening Skills

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Economy: The Financial Crisis – How It Happned And How It Can Happen Again – Videographic

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Financial crisis, five years on: animation Five years on from the start of the credit crunch, Phillip Inman explains how it happened – and how it could happen again

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How To Generate Good Ideas – Videographic


How are good ideas generated? They aren’t simply lying around like seashells on a beach waiting for us to pick them up nor are they so random. Good ideas are the result of the focused action that takes place in our brains. With a bit of stretching the laws of physics and a lot of imagination, we set out to craft a story about how all those bits and pieces that pass through our brains can become good ideas.

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Can Your App Compete In The App Store? – Infographic

Disparity of App Store Wealth

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An overabundance of apps are being submitted to the app store every day, but the majority of app store downloads are from a select few… usually backed by a huge advertising budget. Would your app be able to compete? Take a look!

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The Economy Of Coca-Cola

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Would you like to buy the world a Coke? 1.7 Billion Coke products are consumed everyday. That’s enough to circle the earth 5 times! Originally sold for a nickel a glass, today Coke is a brand valued at $72 Billion. Learn more about Coca-Cola and it’s business in this video.

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