What Is Your Experience With “The New Klout” Score After The Change?

Almost 3 weeks ago, Klout changed the way they measure influence on the Internet. Some features were dropped and some were added, so claims Klout. I personally have experienced a 5 point drop and close to no movement in the score since then, by increased activity and increased engagement of my audience. RT’s, mentions, likes, comments and other vital engagement measures that, according to Klout, are important to determine the score, went up while the Klout score shows no impact.

Especially over the past three days this became obvious. While engagement on all sites increased, the score was stuck at the same number. This morning, on day 4, it went down 0.04 points.

What is your experience with Klout since the change? What’s the real change?

36 responses to “What Is Your Experience With “The New Klout” Score After The Change?

  1. I went up marginally 63-67 though significant more interaction in the same spots. Lots of different people tagging and liking that had been more dormant (Olympic posts) though have remained active. Kred has increased. Bet $10 to a nickel the 20 FB friends that joined did not hurt my score

  2. My score went up to the point I found it over inflated for someone who is a nobody and after looking at the new moments I can tell you they give “busy tagged” posts a lot of credit ūüôā Becoming somebody ūüôā

    • Yes, I agree with that, Lisa. I had quite a number of “busy tagged” posts over the past 90 days -and the last 3 weeks-, but I can only find a small number of them in the moments. The same with the mentions on Twitter. What do you think are the requirements for such posts to make it into the moments? One must have popular people on there?

  3. I was at 62 when Klout rolled out a change last spring and then dropped to 56. The latest update raised my score to 66 and it has remained there for 2 weeks.

  4. My Klout score was 76 and went up to 78. Oprah is 82..Do I need to say more? People changed after Klout updated, lost their sleep over their Klout scores dropping. My advise..Get a Life!! Klout does not define who you are, or how “Influential” you are in the Real Life. Forget about Klout and enjoy life. Try to make a difference by doing something good for others. Have a great day!

    • Not sure all of the people that are wondering about their Klout score were looking to receive advice regarding their life. I wasn’t. I agree that one should not have a sleepless night over the Klout score and I, for my part, don’t have sleepless nights. At least not for that reason. However, social media is part of my job and with that I want to know what’s up in that world. Klout is part of it. Before the change I could oversee what takes influence on the score. After the change, not. So, I am wondering. There are certainly different reasons why people have a higher or lower score, and in Oprah’s case I can follow why her score is 82. Since you are not Oprah, what do you do to reach a score right below her?

      • I do not tag people or spam their walls. I share many posts daily on Facebook and people respond to them. “Moments” are telling me that Facebook has a major impact on my Klout score, close to 80%…I do not do “fake” likes, also. I like what I really like. I engage in conversations a lot. I hope this helps you.

      • That sounds like good stuff. 80%? Wow. Mine is only 68%. Not sure if tagging people is an issue, because looking at moments it seems the tagged posts are preferred by Klout. Those with responses at least. Thanks for the info!

  5. I got a 20 point drop with no explanation.

  6. I just got access to my “moments” and this clearly indicates that the measuring is incomplete. There is just a fraction of my engagement visible and measured. That explains a lot.

  7. my score went up 8 points after the change and is now hovering around the the same number (+/- small changes each day) – I have slightly more interactions on facebook and G+ but still I get almost all influence via twitter and havn’t changed my pattern there

  8. Last week I noticed a drop of -2 points on my score, but the worst came after. I opened I think Saturday my Klout account and I had a drop from 69 to 24! I noticed my facebook was disconnected and I thought – it happened before never mind I’ll connect and all alright, so I did, but Nothing.
    Today I got an e-mail noticing me for the new changes and that I do not have the permission to connect 2 facebook accounts as I was permitted at the beginning.

    My thoughts: I can’t understand yet if I am a new Klout account user or an old, it’s a drama. The same problem with the facebook notifications. I have Klout but I don’t. ūüė¶

  9. Being relatively new to Klout I am still trying to figure out what it does exactly. I signed up several months ago and didn’t really do anything with it until a month ago. When I checked in my Klout score was 45. It moved up to 47 prior to the change and was up 12 points to 59 after. The scores are slowly going up and I am now at 60.

  10. Abhijit Pradhan

    I am relatively “new” to consciously immersing myself into social media ( thanks to Empire Avenue). I joined 3 months ago – which has led to a tremendous focusing on a lot of my social media accounts which I never did before. Result ? My score dropped by 2 points. And according to the reworked score graph, it has remained “constant” since time immemorial. Honestly I don’t give credence to the score per se, but I am interested in indicators of progress – which I have found on Kred. As my engagement went up – I could see the scores go up correspondingly. So, Klout may be the famous metric, but I am not so convinced !

    • Same here. I see clear improvement on Kred and EA, but if anything, down on Klout. Something is wrong. And I agree, the fame might lose its grip on Klout. if you can’t track it, nobody wants it.

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  12. I am still trying to catch up, I lost some points and even though I am moving lot of k+ no real change. Maybe I am not savvy enough to catch on.

    • I have given and received lots of K in the past 3 weeks. it seems not to count at all. Really. Crazy stuff.

      • My score moved up and the only change I know is more twitter and FB activity! Is this your experience?

      • Not at all! More activity, more interaction, more brands following, more followers just my Klout is stuck at the same score since 5 month. There is no change whatsoever, not down, not up. Klout keeps telling me everything is fine, but since I don’t believe that Christmas and Easter is on the same day, I won’t buy into it. I believe my “Klout account” has a technical issue. Any other measurement tool I use is showing increasing numbers.

        What I have figured out is that Klout is creating group building and is not counting interactions with people with lower scores. For example, if you influence a lot of people that have a lower score than you, Klout will not recognize that, clearly. If you have people with higher scores supporting you or interacting with you, your score will go up. That makes not much sense, but Klout believes this is how you demonstrate influence.

      • My score moved up and the only change I know is more twitter and FB activity! Is this your experience?

  13. My score went up significantly but since then I have not been able to move it all all. However, before the change my score would experience lots of movement — which was a complaint I had considering my SM score on sites have been relativity stable (EAv, Kred). So my thinking is to main this stability on Klout which I prefer I still need to connect and have engagement.

    • You believe your engagement is still not good enough? And your score went up. Klout claims engagement is most important. Keep doing what you are doing, Nick. It seems to work.

  14. Klout’s algorithm is a bit weird indeed. My score had a 4 points rise and I still can’t explain why…

  15. My score went up 10 points. I suspect this to be my +key’s, I lead in 3 topics. I have not seen any immediate cause and effect and I suspect a several day lag. I have the new score but I haven’t seen the new metrics as I am in Bangkok.

    • That you lead in 3 topics could be an indication, even though there is no word about that in Klout’s explanation. Let me know, if you find something out.

  16. Also haven’t noticed much change in my score… not sure what they did…

    • I am not sure anyone is sure what they did. I really would like to know it from them. Not in a marketing speech, but in a clear explanation and example. But that’s a secret, I guess.

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