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Most Sponsorable Players Of The U.S. Open – Infographic

The U.S. Open is among the most high-profile events in tennis. It’s a big deal for players who are looking not only for a major championship — but also to improve endorsement potential.

While nothing can replace the marketability of competitive success, athletes’ social media profiles are more relevant than ever.

So which U.S. Open stars are most attractive? SponsorHub thinks it has the answer. The company uses a scoring metric based on athletes’ sporting performance combined with their social influence on Twitter, Facebook and Klout to rank their value to advertisers.

SponsorHub’s findings: Roger Federer doubles as the top-ranked player in men’s tennis and the sport’s most marketable star. Serena Williams is just the fourth-ranked female tennis player in the world, according to the WTA, but is actually the most sponsorable. The full top 10 list of most-sponsorable tennis players is an even split with five men and five women.

Athletes are no longer the only ones whose social influence can lead to brand partnerships. Evian water brought three popular Instagram users to the U.S. Open, paying them to shoot and post behind-the-scenes photos to the brand account for a day.

SponsorHub recently applied this same formula to rank Olympic athletes.

Source: Mashable.com, SponsorHub

Google+ Goes Backstage at New York Fashion Week

Google+ Goes Backstage at New York Fashion Week.

Google is expanding its New York Fashion Week offerings this season. In addition to streaming 30 shows live on YouTube, a 17% increase from last year, the tech giant is also partnering with brands to bring on-the-spot Fashion Week coverage to Google+.

Beginning at 1:15 p.m. ET Friday, Teen Vogue beauty director Eva Chen will be hosting a Google Hangout on startup Lyst’s Google+ page before fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff’s show at Lincoln Center. Between four and five people, all pre-screened, will be invited into the Hangout to pose questions to backstage makeup and hair artists as well as Minkoff herself. Chen will moderate and also ask questions e-mailed in to editor@lyst.com ahead of time.

Lyst will host another Hangout at 6 p.m. ET Saturday ahead of Tibi’s show. Chen will again moderate. In addition to backstage makeup and hair stylists, Chen will also interview Tibi designer Amy Smilovic and Man Repeller fashion blogger Leandra Medine.

Since the Wi-Fi is notoriously bad at Lincoln Center, Lyst will be using an Ethernet connection from IMG to host the Hangout. Google staffers will be on-hand to help with technical support, a Lyst spokesperson said.

Beyond the live Hangouts, Lucky Magazine editors and outside contributors will be uploading images to a live slideshow on its Google+ Page, and Vogue Paris is creating and sharing short, animated GIFs from Fashion’s Night Out on its page.

Whether on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest, you’ll be hard-pressed to avoid references to New York Fashion Week from now until next Thursday. For a complete guide to following the week’s events online, click here.

Source: Mashable.com

Marissa Mayer Is Reviewing Every Single New Hire At Yahoo – Business Insider

Marissa Mayer Is Reviewing Every Single New Hire At Yahoo – Business Insider.

Back in early August, there were reports that new CEO Marissa Mayer intended to do what Google’s cofounders have always done: review every single new hire the company makes.

Now, according to a Yahoo executive involved in hiring, Mayer is actually doing it.

She literally looks at every serious candidate’s resume.

Yahoo has about 15,000 employees and it is hiring all the time, so this is no small task.

This seemingly small change is already having an impact both positive and negative on the company, says our source.

In some cases, it is costing Yahoo good candidates because the CEO-level review slows down the entire hiring process.

“It’s gotten a little frustrating,” says our source, who has, himself, lost out on two hires who joined other companies before Mayer got around to approving their hire.

But this source also says: “I can’t say that I blame her.”

He says that one of Yahoo’s biggest problems over the past couple years has been “B-players” hiring “C-players” who were not “fired up to come to work” and were “tolerated too long.”

“I mean nobody gave a s— to come to Yahoo.”

Taking over a mess like that, says our source, “I’d want to review all the talent that comes in the doors, too.”

Mayer has worked hard in her first few weeks to improve Yahoo’s employee culture. She’s keeping the lights on later at the office, giving employees new smartphones, and made food free.

She’s also explained to Yahoos that with these privileges, they will be expected to work harder and faster than they did before.

Now, it seems she’s just making sure the company is staffed with people who will get the message…Read more

Source: Business Insider


Open Table, 15 Million Reviews By Verified Diners – Infographic

OpenTable has generated more than 15 million restaurant reviews, the company announced Wednesday.

Launched in 2008, the OpenTable Reviews program publishes a list of restaurant reviews given by the site’s members; it includes thousands of eateries across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Users can submit an online feedback form after dining at a restaurant they booked through OpenTable.

The company emphasizes that only diners who have honored an OpenTable reservation are invited to provide a review.

“Only reviews by verified diners are published,” spokesman Matt Garcia told Mashable in an email.

To mark the occasion, OpenTable is sharing an infographic, below, that illustrates its diner review trends and behaviors since the program’s debut.

Recently, sites such as TripAdvisor and Yelp have experienced problems with fake reviews.

Founded in 1998, OpenTable provides free, real-time online restaurant reservations, and guest and reservation management solutions for restaurants.

Source: Mashable.com, Open Table

Bill Clinton – 2012 DNC Speech – Video


Are You Addicted To Your Smartphone? – Infographic

Smartphones are awesome. They keep us connected to friends, help with directions and give us access to the Internet’s infinite wonders. But how awesome is too awesome? And when does appreciation become addiction?

Consider this: 15% of respondents to a recent Gazelle.com survey said they’d go rather go without sex for a weekend than give up their iPhone for a few days. Four percent said they’ve actually used their iPhone during sex, and 65% said they couldn’t live without their trusty device. Forty percent of respondents said they’d rather go without bathing than without their iPhone.

The Internet education portal OnlineColleges recently gathered data from a number of sources including Gazelle, comScore and the Pew Internet & American Life Project to produce the following infographic. It shows not only that we may be getting a little too attached to our smartphones, but also why we love our devices and what we use them for most.

Among many interesting findings: iPhone and Android owners have more positive outlooks on life than their Blackberry-carrying brethren; city dwellers are the most mobile savvy; and social media, gaming and weather apps rule the market. But whether addicted or simply enthusiastic, it’s easy to see why smartphone owners are so appreciative of modern mobile technology; the first consumer offering from Motorola cost almost $4,000, and was about the size of a brick.

Source: Mashable.com, onlinecolleges