Google Glass Graces the Runway at New York Fashion Week

Google Glass Graces the Runway at New York Fashion Week.

Google Glass and Google co-founder Sergey Brin made a surprise appearance at New York Fashion Week Sunday afternoon (check video below).

Models walked down the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection show wearing Glass, the upcoming headset/eyewear device that Google is developing. The augmented reality-enhanced glasses have many smartphone-like functions; users can take pictures, record video, receive messages and check calendars, among other things.

The bands of each pair were modified to complement the collection’s palette of corals, blues, whites and grays. It was the first time Glass had ever appeared on a runway.

At least one model turned on Glass’s video-recording function to capture her view of the runway (see above). Furstenberg and other members of DVF’s team also donned glasses during show preparations. That footage will be released in a short film, “DVF through Glass,” on DVF’s Google+ page Thursday, a DVF spokesperson said.

At the show’s conclusion, a Glass-clad Fustenberg and Yvan Mispelaere, creative director of DVF, took a celebratory lap down the runway. Halfway down the left aisle, Furstenberg reached over to Sergey Brin, who was sitting front row. He joined Furstenberg and Mispelaere for the rest of the walk amid wide applause.


2 responses to “Google Glass Graces the Runway at New York Fashion Week

  1. Natlove

    Thumbs ups to Google, for also being fashionable. 😉

  2. Natlove

    Fantastic! I want my own pair of Google glasses soon 😀

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