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Quality Content Creation Is Essential To SEO Success – Infographic

The major search engines are focusing on creating the best possible user experience, which means sites offering relevant content are king. Check this infographic and see how content will improve your results.

Source: Pamorama, Brafton


Is Your Business Ready For The Holidays? – Infographic

Although it’s easy to believe the holiday shopping season starts on Thanksgiving weekend—or perhaps in late October—many online retailers see a significant increase in key performance metrics much sooner. This infographic provides key dates for the 2012 holiday season as well as tips to get you ready for one of the busiest times of the year.

Source: Monetate


Best At Shipping: FedEx vs. UPS – Infographic

You may have encountered this dilemma before. In a hurry to ship a package, you suddenly have to make a quick decision between two parcel companies: FedEx and UPS. Which do you choose? If you think they are both the same, think again. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Check out this infographic on the real difference between these top shippers.

Source: PackageFoxVisual.ly


Technology’s Impact On Education – Infographic

From online learning to interactive whiteboards to social media, technology continues to reshape the college experience. Online social communities allow students from across the word to collaborate on projects. Learn about the technologies and innovations fostering the education of the “digital generation” and discover if an online degree program from DeVry University is right for you.

Source: DeVry University


Attached To The iPad: Prefer A Root Canal Over Breaking The iPad – Infographic

If you were taking an all-day flight, breathing in circulated air and possibly losing hours of your day, you’d probably wish you had ……an iPad?

In a recent study of more than 1,300 iPad owners, 44% said they’d go without water (41%) and food (48%) than go without their iPad on a day-long business trip. If you think that’s an intense iPad addiction, check out this stat: 35% said they’d forgo bathroom breaks. Now that’s roughing it.

Traveling is not the only place people desire to be hands-on with their iPad: 60% of survey respondents said they use their iPad while on the toilet; 34% use their iPad while naked.

There is a long list of stats that show just how attached business travelers in particular are to their iPads. One in three said breaking their iPad would be more painful than getting a root canal — we’re guessing they mean emotionally. Nearly half (46%) would rather lose their credit card than their iPad, and 20% would rather lose their wedding ring, afterall, wedding rings can’t access airport Wi-Fi.

This online survey of over 1,300 iPad owners was done for Brainshark, a cloud-based software company.

Check out the survey below to see just how attached business travelers are to their iPads. And tell us, what would you sacrifice to have your iPad with you on a business trip?

Source: Mashable.com, Brainshark