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Brand Advertising, Marketing, Spending: A Look Behind The Scenes – Infographic

We took an in-depth look at retailer brands and their advertising campaigns, marketing spending, and overall campaign messaging. Curious about what call-to-action buttons retailers use most in their online ads? Want to know what call-to-actions consumers click on most?

The infographic tells all!

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The Marketing Leader’s Guide To Pinterest – Infographic

The use of social media in the business world is growing. So what’s the next site companies should integrate into their social media strategy? Try Pinterest. Why? Because it’s quickly becoming one of the main sites visited for information and is increasingly driving more traffic. Curious about Pinterest’s growth, CEO.com gathered info about its rise in comparison to other social sites.Click on the infographic below to enlarge. To get more great content from CEO.com sign up for our daily or weekly newsletter.

Source: CEO.com

China: Stats, Facts, Economy – Infographic

The end of WWII marked the birth of China as we know it today. After the Second World War, a civil war broke out between the once-allied Chinese and Japanese. In the end, Communism prevailed and the People’s Republic of China was born in 1949. Want to learn more about China and its people? Check out these important facts and figures.

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Bruce Willis Fights For Vodka Ad Cash Over Shares – Video

Top Ten Stocks For Friday, September 21st. – Video


Nokia And Apple’s Map Flop – Infographic

Nokia took advantage of the torrent of negative feedback over Apple‘s new Maps app, plugging its own mobile-mapping software in its Lumia phones.

In a blog post, Nokia talks about the challenge of creating a full-featured mapping and navigation application for mobile devices. One passage in particular seems aimed at Apple Maps, which have been praised for its beautiful 3D renderings but assailed for its inaccuracy and lack of features:

“…we also understand that ‘pretty’ isn’t enough. You expect excellence in your smartphone mapping experience.”

Citing its many years building and enhancing Nokia Maps (formerly Ovi Maps), Nokia claims its maps experience on mobile is superior due to its approach of owning, building and distributing the content and apps. Ironically, that sort of end-to-end approach is often what Apple holds over other companies, but in this case it’s Apple who acquired its technology (from acquired companies C3, Poly9 and Placebase) and data (from OpenStreetMap and others) for the Maps app in iOS 6.

With Windows Phone 8, Nokia Maps will be the default maps app for Microsoft’s mobile platform. The upcoming Lumia 920 will add augmented-reality functionality into the app, called City Lens, showing users data about businesses in view of the phone’s camera when you hold up the phone.

Apple, however, has defended its new Maps app as a work in progress. And despite its flaws, the app does include turn-by-turn navigation — something that hasn’t existed (at least not for free) on the iPhone until now. Users are also praising the app’s gorgeous 3D renderings, which Apple calls Flyover, though those are only available in some cities for now.

Nonetheless, Nokia’s point that the only comparison that matters is what “you can actually do with your smartphone” resonates. Comparing its maps with those of Apple and Google, it cites public-transit data, the ability to use maps offline (also part of its upcoming package with Windows Phone 8), and availability of turn-by-turn navigation in more countries as its main advantages over the other two platforms.

What do you think of Nokia’s criticism of Apple Maps?

Source: Mashable.com, Nokia

6 Pinterest Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Influence

6 Pinterest Analytics Tools to Supercharge Your Influence.



As we transition into autumn, it seems everything about Pinterest is changing — well, the content, that is. A month ago, we were repinning photos of popsicles and beach blankets. Now, we’re cozying up to apple cider and snuggly scarves.

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Whether you’re an individual or a brand, it’s important to adjust your content around the changing seasons and fickle trends. A good way to monitor the effectiveness of your pins and reach is by investing time in Pinterest analytics tools. To help, we’ve gathered six services that measure a wide range of Pinterest engagement metrics.

How do you determine your Pinterest influence, either for your personal or branded account?

Source: Mashable.com


Mitt Romney and the 47% – Infographic

Mitt Romney was secretly video recorded calling 47 percent of Americans “victims… who believe they are entitled.” What does this mean for the Republican contender?

Source: Total Bankruptcy


WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS – Infographic

By March 2012, with about 72.4 million users for the content management system, the WordPress (WP) grew as the largest of its type on the planet.It provided hosting to more than 50% of the CMS users and more than 45% of the top 100 sites as rated by Technorati use WP services.

The CMS grew by a great rate after the release of the version 3.3 and people seem reluctant to switch to 3.4. On average, the WP receives around 500,000 posts. Out of every 100 domains, 22 in the UK belong to WordPress. WP boasts of 3 million searches worldwide per month and Indonesians are the best promoters and users of the WP services and it ranks 8th in that country.

In a month, on average, around 352 m people view more than 2.5 m pages in an average month. A survey of 18,000 users by Word press foundation found that the median rate of a Word press project to be $50 p/h. Of the 19,000+ plug-ins, SEO tops the list of downloaded with 20% followed by stats and images which account for 11 and 9 percent respectively.

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Advertising, Marketing: How We Consume Media And What Sticks – Infographic

We spend more time with media than we do working or sleeping. How do most people consume media? Where does effective advertising and marketing happen?

Source: Visual.ly, yume.com