Copious Takes on Dudes

Copious Takes on Dudes.

Social shopping platform Copious branches into men’s products, making Mr. Stinson high five by adding suits

Fans of male fashion rejoice, a growing and popular shopping startup is now your stomping ground. If you haven’t heard of Copious, you’re behind. The company is working to build a social commerce platform, fostering sales between real folks, not what it would call ‘strangers.’

Yes, it has strong Facebook integration. You can barely get rid of the app once you integrate it into your profile on the social giant.

Copious sets itself apart by focusing on your taste profile. As you might expect, the more you use the service, the more it learns from you; your preferences build, and Copious helps find what fits you like the proverbial elbow-high glove.

However, until now, half the human race has been all but shut out by the platform. No more. Today Copious is branching out its service to include a number of male-specific, or at least weighted, categories that should appeal to the lot of us who don’t wait in bathroom lines. Yes Barney, you can have the highest of fives.

I’m being slightly unfair, as the new product niches that the company is announcing today are more than simply male-specific, but it’s not had to see them as inclusive to a new sex. From its release, the new categories include “men’s vintage, new and closet items, as well as art featuring photography, home decor and design.”

If you are anything like your humble servant, fashion is akin to reading hieroglyphics in a poorly lit room with two hands tied by Tut’s curse, but I suspect that the addition will both broaden Copious’s audience and product mix; also, art.

If you ever make it to the company’s headquarters for the record, take a note of their wall of shame. It’s worth checking out. You won’t believe what some people expect to be salable.

Adding to its expanded product mix and gender makeup, Copious is also now working with Brad Goreski, who runs a show on Bravo TV. The dude is joining the platform, where he will list his self-described extensive closet of female attire on the platform. If you know his name, this matters; if not, some guy is joining. I Alex, am also a member. No, I won’t buy your jacket.

Copious, in a vaguely similar way to Sneakpeeq, is working to change commerce into something intensely personal. If you have been to a store recently you understand that this push can only yield profits.

➤ Copious

Top Image Credit: Luz Bratcher

Source: The Next Web

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